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How to prevent streaks under the window vents when applying a diffuse coating?

How to prevent streaks under the window vents when applying a diffuse coatingA diffuse coating is applied more and more often for crops that are not resistant to high ambient temperatures, but do have a need for cultivation light. Using a diffuse coating during the summer, a greenhouse can easily be equipped with a translucent layer that allows light to enter the greenhouse diffusely. When applying a diffuse coating, it is important to take account of points of attention during application. This to prevent that streaks appear under the window vents and to ultimately get an even result. In this article our specialist provides 5 tips.

1. Ensure that the greenhouse roof is clean

It is important that you always apply a diffuse coating on a clean greenhouse roof. If you don’t do that, the coating many not stick adequately (in some spots). Also, the dirt may hold back the light, preventing you from taking full advantage of the available sunlight

2. Choose the right time

At nights the dewpoint is lower, due to which the humidity is higher. As mentioned before, a diffuse coating will not dry in case of high humidity. That is why the application of a diffuse coating must always be completed at least six hours before dusk, allowing the coating sufficient time to dry. Also, as a result of dew, the coating could get damaged.

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