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What is a shading agent?

Shading agent
Written by Lars Ammerlaan | Last update: 24-10-2020

Not many crops can bear full sun or high temperatures. This is where a greenhouse shading paint can offer protection. The crops in the greenhouse can be protected with a layer of chalk, to reflect light and heat in the summer. This prevents climate peaks within the greenhouse, protection the crop throughout the entire season. 

Improvement of the greenhouse's climate 

The greenhouse shading paint reflects light and lowers the temperature in the greenhouse. As a result, less evaporation within the crop occurs, preventing the plant from drying out and hanging loosely. It can be stated; the greenhouse shading paint improves the climate in the greenhouse. Eventually, this leads to less stress for the crop and a better result.

Preventing roof-ridge wear off

Signs of wear on the roof-ridge is very disadvantageous to the crop. Therefore, it should be minimized. The roof-ridge is very important in greenhouse shading, since this part of the greenhouse gets most of the sun, from morning till evening. Also, the roof-ridge is affected by rain, hail and wind. Therefore, it is crucial that the roof-ridge is covered properly. For this, you can use a high-quality greenhouse shading product which is wear-resistant. It is also possible to chalk (meaning: apply greenhouse shading paint) several times with a relatively cheaper product, which is less wear-resistant. It is recommended to always ask for advice when choosing a specific product. 

Geen nokslijtage


No signs of roof-ridge wear

Signs of roof-ridge wear

Apply greenhouse shading paint

Most growers apply shading paint using a machine like the Top Cleaner. This guarantees a correct application of the product, in the right quantity. If you choose to spray coatings fully automatic, no one has to ride along an no one can fall. It is a safe way of applying greenhouse shading paint. With a small expansion, the machine can also be used to apply a layer of chalk or coating. We can also deliver rails and a movement platform if desired.

Shading agents

More information about different shading agents?

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Specialist Lars AmmerlaanAbout Lars Ammerlaan

Lars Ammerlaan, product specialist in shading agents and diffuse coatings, has been working at Royal Brinkman since 2017. After the position of assistant cultivation manager, and later on account manager, he made the switch to his current position. Lars has gained a lot of knowledge through his practical experience, which enables him to offer customers targeted and personal advice. Lars enjoys visiting the growers’ greenhouses and thinking along with them about suitable solutions. 'The challenging part of this job is the international part. Abroad things can sometimes be very different compared to the Netherlands and that makes it an interesting job, in which I can continue to develop myself.

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