What is diffuse light?

Diffuse light is light that is scattered, causing it to fall on the crop from all sides. The light is evenly distributed, leaving no sharp shadows. This light is created on a cloudy day, but can be imitated by applying a diffuse coating to the roof top. Such diffuse coating ensures that a crop is not damaged by excessive light intensity without loss of light. This combination ensures that diffuse light is used more and more in growing vegetable and ornamental crops in greenhouse horticulture.

Advantages of diffuse light

Diffuse light has a number of advantages for your crop:
  • Diffuse light does not cause shading in your greenhouse,
  • The light penetrates deeper into the crop, allowing the plant to absorb more CO2 and then processing it into more stable growth, production and quality.
  • A higher CO2 content is possible by closing the windows; 
  • Reduces crop stress due to no direct sunlight onto the plant;
  • There is a lower plant temperature, which ensures more even growth.
  • It ensures higher production and better quality of a crop.

In addition to the benefits to the crop, diffuse light also has an advantage for employees in the greenhouse: the greenhouse temperature is less high when using a diffuse coating, creating a more pleasant working climate especially on hot summer days.

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Using diffuse light in a greenhouse could be applied by several ways. A diffuse coating is the most easiest, most flexible and cheapest way and is therefore the most used.  Diffuse coatings can be easily removed with a remover at the end of the season. When the greenhouse is completely clean, you can take advantage of all sun light.

Diffuse light

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