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MACROcontrol [500 adults + nymphs] (AB1)

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MACROcontrol [500 adults + nymphs] (AB1)

Item no. 210103419
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Macrolophus pygmaeus
MACROcontrol contains the predatory bug Macrolophus pygmaeus. The predatory bug hunts for various pest insects with a clear preference for whitefly (eggs, larvae and pupae). Each day these predatory bugs can eat 40-50 whitefly eggs. Macrolophus pygmaeus eats both the glasshouse whitefly and the Tabacco whitefly. In addition to the whitefly, it also eats red spider mites, moth eggs and to a lesser extent, aphids and larvae of the leaf miners. Macrolophus will deposit more eggs when it eats white fly eggs as food than spider mites and aphids. Female Macrolophus live for about 40 days at 25 °C or 110 days at 15 °C. The males live a little longer. After mating, the female, depending on the temperature and nutrition, places between 100 and 250 eggs during her lifetime.

Product characteristics

  • Available as nymphs or as a mix of nymphs + adults 
  • Both preventative and curative applicable
  • Clean and clear introducing with the intro box

MACROcontrol is delivered as a mix of 500 individuals (adults + nymphs) in a 250 ml bottle with vermiculite as carrier material. The vermiculite ensures optimal moisture content in the bottles during transport.

MACROcontrol is also available as a package of 500 nymphs. The use of nymphs is advised to control the red spider mite.

User instructions
Open the bottle in the greenhouse and ensure a good division of the insects in the crop.  It is best to put groups of dozens of Macrolophus together at the whitefly spots. For a clean and clear application, use the intro box.

Especially in the build-up stage of the population, it may be necessary to supply extra food to the Macrolophus. For this, EPHEScontrol (Ephestia eggs) or ARTEMIcontrol (artemia cysts) can be used. Both EPHES control and ARTEMI control are available as small and large packages.

Macrolophus can cause crop damage in excessive populations, lack or inadequate presence of prey, adverse climatic conditions and sensitive crops. Also, these predatory bugs are very sensitive to various chemical plant protection products.

Receipt and storage
Upon receipt, check the product for abnormalities and report any complaints or comments within 24 hours. Preferably use the product immediately. If storage is required, the product should be stored horizontally and in a dark place at a temperature of 8-10°C for a maximum of 24 hours. If the product is stored longer and/or under different conditions Royal Brinkman is not liable for any loss of quality.

> Macrolophus caliginosus 500 individuals
> MBT/MPS: 990588

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