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Welcome to the Royal Brinkman customer service page! Efficiency and reliability are the core values of Royal Brinkman. Therefore, you can find all the answers to your questions about the web-shop at our customer service. If you cannot find what you are looking for or you want more information? Please, don't hesitate to contact the Royal Brinkman helpdesk through +31 0174 - 446 140.


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As a customer at Royal Brinkman can be sure that we can "custom made" unburdening. Out of our passion for horticulture and our strong commitment to innovation, we want to help you - just as we do - to stay ahead in horticulture. Our specialists are happy to help you with their extensive product knowledge. In addition, you benefit as a customer at Royal Brinkman an extensive product range and personal prizes, which you can use both for phone orders and shop orders and webshop orders. Because we deliver large stocks, you are always assured of a timely delivery!

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Discover the many advantages of the Royal Brinkman shop! Through the user-friendly web shop you can quickly and efficiently do your purchases. The shop currently has more than 2,000 satisfied users.

Through the Royal Brinkman shop you have 24/7 access to the entire range including pictures and full (personal) pricing and product information. Royal Brinkman shop gives an overview of all your orders, so also the orders you placed via e-mail, telephone or store visit.

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Do you have a question? Please contact our customer service or one of our employees. We are happy to help! All our branches are available by phone from 8:00 to 17:00 pm. 

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Royal Brinkman has an expert team of account managers and product specialists. They have extensive knowledge of products, systems and services in the areas of crop rotation, crop care, crop protection and disinfection, packaging and design, mechanization, engineering and other service items.

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Royal Brinkman strives to deliver the products you ordered on time. There is also the option to pick up your ordered products at our offices. Have you ordered a product online in the Royal Brinkman shop? Then you can easily see the delivery date in the webshop. See this page for all information regarding transport options, and prices.

Take away counter

You can also order via Royal Brinkman shop online products and collect it yourself in the Royal Brinkman store. That's a handy new feature that responds to questions from practice. Easy does it!

The pickup feature in the shop is a solution for emergency Best Practices and orders with a low amount. The feature was developed because Royal Brinkman in practice signaled that customers regularly came up with a shopping list from the shop to the store.

How does it work?
In the shop you choose in the second step of the ordering process for 'pick up in store. The products are then within two hours waiting for you in the selected store. You can check one of the seven pick-up points in the Netherlands.
Can pick up at the following locations:
  • Bleiswijk, Hoefweg 191
  • Gameren, Nedrinkstraat 25a
  • Roosendaal, Argon 27f
  • 'S-Gravenzande, Woutersweg 10
  • Venlo, L. J. Costerstraat 48

For more contact and route information, see the 'Our offices'.

Do you have questions about the Royal Brinkman collection service? Send an email to webshop@royalbrinkman.com or call us at 0174-446100

Supply conditions

Royal Brinkman specializes worldwide in seven themes is your supplier of related products. The major part of these products has Royal Brinkman stock. You can assemble your order via e-mail, phone, fax or the web shop and pick it yourself in one of our branches, or you can choose to have your order delivered.

In the area of ​​logistics Royal Brinkman has a high level of service. With its own logistics distribution, service and e-commerce activities Royal Brinkman can relieve you up.

In our distribution center in 's-Gravenzande and in our branches abroad, we work with state-of-the-art warehousing and inventory systems. A single, sophisticated, robotic system is able to handle about 9,000 technical components. Along with the storage of fertilizers, pesticides and residual storage meets the inventory system of Royal Brinkman all the requirements expected of a modern horticultural supplier.

Specialists with years of experience ensure that your products are packaged and distributed in the most effective and reliable way. We can support you with all necessary documents, inspections and transport bookings.
Delivery terms:
Via the link below you can check the delivery terms of Brinkman BV.
Delivery terms Royal Brinkman


A large number of items are delivered in or on returnable items. This concerns in particular the cans, barrels and pallets.
The cans, barrels and boxes can only be taken if they meet the following conditions:
• Be Completely empty
• Provided are a cap
• Features of the original label
• Originate from Royal Brinkman

Through sales orders calculates the deposit and / or credited. The deposit products can be displayed in 2 ways:

1. By phone
You can specify telephone order at you that you have the following 'deposit items. The driver will then take on the next delivery, the 'deposit items'!

2. Webshop
At the heading 'deposit return' the deposit items may be indicated. The driver will take the 'deposit products' at the next order. It is important that there be appointed in the comments box the 'number' deposit products, allowing the driver knows exactly what to expect.


The knowledge within Royal Brinkman is divided into seven themes with accompanying product specialists. By combining this knowledge, our specialists can always give a complete opinion about the many possibilities.

MSDS sheets

It is possible through the shop to find the safety data sheets for each product. The security pages have been attached as a PDF file on the article page under the article. This will always have the latest safety data sheet.

Use pesticides safely and Biocides. Before use, read the label and the SDS. Pesticides and biocides are subject to national authorizations for use. Check with the authorities (for Netherlands www.ctgb.nl) the authorization for use in your country.

Do you have any questions or comments please contact us via webshop@brinkman.nl or call 0174 446 140.


In addition to providing more than 33,000 products, Royal Brinkman performs several inspections, maintenance and inspections of installations. Below is an overview of the different possibilities. Do you need a technician? Then please contact us here.

Service and maintenance

Conducting periodic maintenance is more efficient, prevents interference and extends the life of your equipment. Because once a year to plan the pre-maintenance you are assured of an expert inspection by a trained service technician. The greenhouses are increasingly periodic inspections and examinations compulsory. Think of testing, spraying equipment, electrical systems and silos. Insurance companies and other agencies are stricter herein. Royal Brinkman these mandatory inspections can perform yourself.

Benefits Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance has many advantages for our customers. Ad hoc failures are in fact annoying and always inconvenient. When you perform regular maintenance on your equipment, the risk of interference is minimized. Fewer failures also provide a lower cost, since fewer service technician has to come along. Moreover, it provides less panic and less stress because your system is less likely to stand still. Continuity is assured because the process can continue without interruption.

Knowledge up to date

The service technicians at Royal Brinkman have many years of experience with the equipment and be kept up to date by the respective suppliers.

Application form preventive maintenance
Would you like to perform regular maintenance on your equipment? Please fill out the application form. We will get back in touch with you to make an appointment.


If you have questions about your shop account, or have you forgotten your password? Below is a list That May Help. Can not find an answer to your question? Please contact the Royal Brinkman helpdesk 0174-446140.

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Help and explanations

Royal Brinkman state of mind and convenience at number 1. For more information about the shop or can not find something at the shop? Our shop staff Dennis and Rick are happy to visit you and tell you more about Royal Brinkman shop. please fill out the form via the button below. We will get in touch with you to schedule an appointment. On weekdays you will receive a response within 24 hours. 

Personal prices

Your personal prices everywhere
We make customized arrangements with our customers. This allows you to see your personal prices in the webshop! The arranging of the prices will take place in cooperation with your personal account manager. When you request an access code, they make arrangements with you. The account manager will ask for products you will regularly withdraw and in which products you are interested in buying, based on your yearly needs

After the right preparation, you will receive an access code and you can get started using the Royal Brinkman Webshop. It does not matter if you order through one of our stores, by telephone, by e-mail or through the webshop. Your prices are equal everywhere. 

If you would like to order a big quantity of one product, it is possible to ask for a quotation on the webshop. This will be forwarded to your direct contact person. You can also specify your order in the webshop to be delivered even faster. How do you mean a personal webshop!


Faster your records or do a record of all your invoices. Via you can find more information below buttons on the different options in Royal Brinkman. Also through the order history button you can easily look back all your orders. See the payment & delivery page for more information about the administration.

Billing summary

It is possible to find digital invoices in the shop. This lets you easily keep track of your records. Below is a roadmap how to look back at your orders.

Digital invoicing

More and more companies use digital invoicing, as well as Royal Brinkman. you can now also choose the next invoice by post to your invoices as PDF receive an e-mail. You decide to which email address invoices are sent.

What advantages does digital invoicing for you?
Reduce your paper invoice flow.
No search hitting invoices.
Simply forward your bill to colleagues or your accounting office.
Saving the environment

Frequently Asked Questions

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