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Floor Ultra E.73 5 Ltr

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Floor Ultra E.73 5 Ltr

Item no. 181801586
can = 5 liter
box = 10 liter
pallet = 48 box
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Floor Clean X-treme - heavy-duty floor cleaner - Mekaniq

Floorclean X-treme is a powerful concentrated ecological floor cleaner for cleaning all water-resistant hard floor surfaces.


  • Powerful cleaning power
  • Low foaming;
  • Freshly scented;
  • Safe to use on all hard, water-resistant floor surfaces;
  • No restrictions on handling, storage or transport;
  • 100% environmentally safe and contains no hazardous components, mild on the skin and safe for humans and animals.

Wipe the floor and remove all coarse debris. Create the desired amount of cleaning solution FLOOR Clean X-treme. Suitable for both daily (mopping or scrubbing) and periodic cleaning. In case of heavy soiling, let the cleaning solution take effect for a few minutes and manipulate stubborn soiling with a floor scrubber or single-disc scrubber. Mop, mop or vacuum the solution or transport it with a floor puller to a drain pit. There is no need to rinse the product. Let the still damp floor air dry. FLOORCLEAN X-TREME is suitable for machine use with a single-disc scrubber or scrubber drier.

The dosage is 100-400 ml. in 10 L. water. In case of heavy soiling or basic cleaning, the dosage can be doubled without danger of residue formation.

Technical information

  • Green liquid
  • pH concentrate: approx. 9
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