How do you calculate the required storage capacity for fertilizers?

Storage of fertilizersWhen building and/or increasing your cultivation area it is important to calculate the storage capacity for your fertilizers in advance. Too little storage capacity of fertilizers means many more delivery moments in your company  or the chance of a temporary shortage of fertilizers. Therefore it’s good to know if you took sufficient time to calculate the required storage capacity for your cultivation. 

Calculate the required storage capacity of fertilizers

To determine what storage capacity is most efficient you could use your annual consumption use fertilizer schedule. The ideal situation is that you don't need more than 13 fertilizer delivery moments in a calendar year. Based on this calculation, you can determine the necessary capacity for your fertilizer storage via the following calculation:

Number of liters of nutritional water per hectare × Total hectare / Number of desired delivery days per week = Capacity of fertilizer unit in liters

Store fertilizers safely

In addition to the storage capacity of fertilizers, a safe way of storing fertilizers is also an important point. The wrong storage of fertilizers can have catastrophic consequences!

Product specialistsQuestions about the storage capacity for fertilizers

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