What is the best way to clean different kinds of materials?

Cleaning of materialsThe amount and type of dirt in horticulture differs significantly from other sectors. Soiling caused by the remains of plants, plant sap, soil, dust and other organic materials strongly adheres to various surfaces. The degreasing properties of cleaners dissolve this organic material better. A thorough cleaning is therefore of great importance in order to work hygienically and should always occur prior to starting the disinfection. Clean materials are therefore an important step in the crop rotation process.

Foaming cleaning product

In many cases it is more effective to use a foaming cleaning product, e.g. to clean pots, crates, seeding trays, plant trays, boxes, pipe rail carts, pallets, rolling tables, transport materials, (glas) walls and floors. The contact time increases enormously and the creeping properties of the foam ensures that the cleaning product reaches all nooks and crannies. Using foam to clean materials also makes it more visible to tell if an entire surface has been treated. You can apply foaming cleaning product with a foam applicator to get clean materials.

Note: Foaming cleaning product is not indicated in re-circulating crates or trays washer.

Non-foaming cleaning product

A non-foaming product can be used in a container which is carried on the back or through spray wagon. To clean surfaces after application of the cleaning product a pressure washer is a good option.

Important points to get clean materials

  • Always complete a test treatment to check for the product tolerance of a material before first-time use of a cleaning product on any material.
  • Prevent cleaning products from coming in contact with plants, as some cleaning products can cause damage to plants.
  • Ensure you treat any surface to be cleaned evenly and that you allow enough contact time for the product to have the best result.
  • Always read the tips for use and important points regarding application of the product well.


Large surfaces such as dining tables, floors and (glass) walls can be protected from dirt with the help of a coating. A coating prevents dirt from adhering to the surface and causes dirt that does adhere to be removed more easily.

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