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Tips for working safely with crop protection agents

Working safely
Written by Leonie van Rooijen | Last update: 18-6-2021

In order to be able to safely work with crop protection agents, you should know what you are doing and be informed about the possible risks. Crop protection agents can cause serious harm to the health. For that reason, we will list a number of do's and don’ts for the usage of crop protection agents. 

Do's for working safely with crop protection agents 

  • Always store crop protection agents in a crop protection agents cabinet that is equipped with a drip tray and ventilation. Also, empty packaging must be stored in this cabinet.
  • Always ensure that the safety cabinet is fitted with warning stickers. 
  • Clean out the crop protection agents cabinet twice per year and check if all remaining agents are still permitted.
  • Before using the crop protection agent, always read the label so that you are aware of the right application, the health risks and the required personal protective equipment.
  • Calculate how much spray liquid you will need, in order to have as little spray liquid left as possible when you finish the spraying.
  • Check the spray equipment in advance, for settings and the state of maintenance. Pay attention to blocked nozzles, nozzles with a deviating spray pattern and leakages in pipes and connection pieces. In case of problems always consult a mechanic. Have the spray equipment inspected every two years at any rate. The SKL-inspection is a compulsory inspection for spray equipment.
  • Do you have an empty packaging? Then clean it as indicated on the label and store the empty packaging in accordance with the regulations.
  • Make sure that you are aware of the location of eye-showers, first aid kits, etc.
  • Clean the spray equipment and the personal protective equipment after the spraying.
  • Please note: you may only work with crop protection agents if you hold a spraying license!


Don’ts for working safely with crop protection agents 

  • Never leave the packaging of a crop protection agent open. If you do, the dangerous substances can easily spread through the room.
  • Never keep crop protection agents outside the crop protection agents cabinet, ensuring that unauthorized personnel have no access to the agents.
  • Never keep personal protective equipment like boots, masks and gloves in the safety cabinet. 
  • Never randomly mix two or more crop protection agents. This can only be done if the instructions indicate so.
  • Never pour crop protection agents into a different packaging or in a packaging without a label. This may lead to incorrect use of the agents and, as such, to additional risks.
  • Do not carry out any spraying when there are employees in the greenhouse (in case of very local spraying, for example in one row, work can continue in another part of the greenhouse. This requires a minimal distance of 25 meters) and ensure that after spraying employees are aware of the time they need to wait before re-entering.
  • Do not use expired or forbidden crop protection agents.

Questions about working safely with crop protection agents 

Do you have any questions about work safely with crop protection agents, or would you like customized advice? Then contact product specialist Leonie van Rooijen, or ask your question using the form below. We will then contact you as soon as possible, even within 24 hours on working days.

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