Why is ventilation important for an optimal greenhouse climate?

Ventilation towers for a good greenhouse climateIn a modern greenhouse there is hardly any more talk about natural air movement because of good insulation. Therefore temperature of not always even everywhere. Cold or warm corners can develop in the greenhouse. As a result there will be difference incrop growth. To ensure air movement in the greenhouse ventilation towers are important for good greenhouse climate. This is one of the products that contribute to improved greenhouse climate. Climate compiters, air and shielding also contribute to this.

The ventilation tower is an important air support with the Enbar LVM crop protection technique. A fan is also an essential part of the (Fanmister) air humidification system. By placing more fans in line quiet air movement happens which is ultimately better for the crops.

Enlarging the ventilation tower’s range

You can also choose a fan with an air conductor. This creates better pooling which causes air capacity and the speed of the air movement to be preserved over a longer distance and increases velocity. The above seen diagram shows the increased velocity. All these fans can eventually be centrally controlled through a regulator.

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