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Knowledge center Technical projects

The Royal Brinkman Knowledge center is divided into seven themes. Under theme Technical projects you find information and maintenance tips for different water and electrical installations. 

Technical projects


Why should I do a boiler water treatment?
By monitoring your boiler water, WKK-systems, CV-systems and cooling systems yearly you can prevent a lot of trouble. More and more insurance companies make demands on the water quality in WKK-systems as well as heating systems.
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 What types of drippers are available?
A dripper is an element or capillary hose that doses the water to the plant. In general, there are three kind of drippers: capillary drippers, labyrinth drippers and pressure compensated and self-closing drippers. The best decision for a dripper depends on the cultivation, the length of a bed, the amount of drippers per meter and the desired water flow.
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 How do you clean the drip system during cultivation?
While inspecting the dripper system, contamination can be noted. Drip system contamination negatively affects water delivery and, with that, the crops. Therefore the drip system needs to be cleaned in case of contamination.
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 How do you clean the drip system after cultivation?
The drip system provides your crop with just the right amount of water. Contamination of the drip system because of water spreading pathogens/germs and algae can cause a biofilm to develop in the drip system. This is disastrous for your crops. It is therefore of most importance that the drip system is cleaned regularly.
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 How do you  construct a water tank?
Many horticultural companies use water tanks in which to store water that is, among other things, used to irrigate crops. In order to prevent cracking, tilting, corrosion and leakage, you have to construct the water tank correctly and precisely.
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▲ How to use a dripping hose?
Irrigation by means of a drip system enables you to achieve maximum yield and quality with a minimum use of water and fertilizers. However, it is important that you handle the dripping hose correctly. That is why we have drawn up a user recommendation for the dripping hose. 
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▲ How to clean sprinklers?
Depending on the water quality and the fertilizers used, precipitation of salts (especially calcium compounds) can occur on and in the sprinklers of your irrigation system. Higher dirt levels will interfere with the operation of the sprinklers. 
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▲ How to clean clogged drippers?
Drippers are very sensitive to pollution. Pollution in the drippers causes water flow differences, which has a negative effect on the quality of the crop. Therefore, it is important to clean clogged drippers as quickly as possible to prevent production losses.
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How do you prevent excessive moisture in a greenhouse?
A humid climate leads to various cultivation problems, such as inequality and the onset of diseases in you crop. Therefore it’s important to control the moisture by dehumidifying. Dehumidifying the greenhouse can reduce the moisture supply or increase the moisture output.
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▲ How to choose the right assimilation lamps?
Sunlight is essential for plant growth, but there is not always enough sunlight available for the horticultural sector. That is why many growers use assimilation lamps. Assimilation lamps are lamps that are used to supplement (a lack of) natural sunlight with artificial light, which stimulates plant growth. 
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Service & Maintenance

 Why are maintenance & inspection important?
In greenhouse horticulture more and more periodic inspections and tests are made mandatory. This includes testing of spraying equipment, electrical installations and silos. Apart from periodic maintenance being mandatory, it has advantages for you as well!
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 Malfunction of an UdiMatic filter
It is possible that an UdiMatic filter shows a fault, or that other problems occur. In that case, it is important that you act as quickly as possible and resolve the fault. In this article, our specialist will list the most common failures of an UdiMatic filter and the associated solutions for you.
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 Malfunction of an Udi 6Matic or 863R automatic filter
The Udi 6Matic and the Udi 863R filters are automatic, self-cleaning sieve filters. It is possible that an Udi 6Matic or an Udi 863R filter may have a malfunction, or that other problems may occur. In that case, it is important that you act as soon as possible and resolve the fault so that as few problems as possible occur. 
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▲ Malfunction of the Priva Vialux
A malfunction may occur in a Priva Vialux system. Most faults are detected by the process computer and reported as an alarm, after which the system switches to the fault phase and (in most cases) stops working. Below you will find an overview of the most common malfunctions of the Priva Vialux and the associated solutions.
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▲ How to solve a malfunction of a Bermad plastic valve?
It is possible that a Bermad plastic valve shows a fault, or that other problems occur. In the event of a fault, no water can pass through, or water can constantly pass through. Both situations are undesirable and must therefore be remedied as soon as possible.
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▲ Maintenance of an UdiMatic filter
An UdiMatic filter is an automatic self-cleaning filter that is used in medium-sized process, cooling, recirculation and irrigation systems. Due to the automatic cleaning, the filter can continuously supply water of good quality. To guarantee this and to prevent malfunctions, it is important that you maintain an UdiMatic filter properly. 
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 What kind of PVC attachments are available?
There are lots of different kind of PVC fittings with multiple different purposes, such as the drainage of rainwater. This page offers an overview of the different sorts of PVC fittings and their names. Our specialist gives you an overview. 
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 Which types of PE accessoiries are available?
There are many PE accessories available for all kinds of applications, among which rain water drainage systems. This page contains an overview of the various types of PE accessories and their corresponding names.
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▲ How to replace PVC pipes and fittings?
PVC pipes and fittings are used in all kinds of horticultural installations - thanks in part to the high chemical resistance and strength of the material - and are therefore indispensable in this sector. Even though PVC is a strong material, it is possible that a pipe or a fitting need to be replaced.
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 Which sensors can you use to collect data in horticulture?
Sensors are increasingly used in the horticultural sector. Sensors provide valuable data that you, as a grower, can use to optimise your cultivation and thus achieve higher yields. Different sensors are available, each of which can be used to measure a different factor.
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