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What are Easygro fertilizers and what are the advantages?

Easygro fertilizers
Author: Jaap Lubbersen | Latest update: 06-04-2020

Many different types of fertilizers are available on the fertilizer market. A difference in form, such as fixed or liquid can be seen, but also many different brands are present on the market. Each of these fertilizers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Besides the Easygro products that were already sold by Royal Brinkman, its product range was extended. In this article, the Easygro product range is clarified by our fertilizer specialist.

What is Easygro? 

A wide range of fertilizers is sold by Royal Brinkman. This product range varies from liquid to fixed fertilizers, from packages to bulk and organic to mineral

This complete assortment was put together with different brands. In order to be able to make this assortment even more complete, our own label ‘’Easygro’’ was set up by Royal Brinkman in 2016. 

The reason for the creation of Easygro are the changes on the fertilizer market. Therefore, the trace element mix Libremix B, has been renewed and improved into trace element mix: Easymix Floriculture. Easygro fertilizers are applicable for many different cultivations, amongst others tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, floriculture, and pot and bedding plants.

A lot of variation can be found in the Easygro product assortment. It varies from singular water soluble, such as Easygro Magnesium Sulphate, liquid NPK fertilizers in different compositions and chelated trace elements (iron, manganese, copper, magnesium, zinc, calcium).  

Advantages Easygro fertilizers

  • Wide range of products
  • Purity
  • Maximal solubility
  • Quickly solvable
  • Applicable in many cultivations
  • Good price and quality 

Easygro NPK fertilizers

The main components of a NPK fertilizer are the nutritional elements: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). The type of NPK fertilizer which is most suitable for you, is dependent on your cultivation and the stage of growth. In addition to fixed NPK fertilizers, liquid NPK fertilizers are available under the Easygro label. These can be bought in cans and barrels, but can also be delivered in IBCs/multiboxes upon request.

Easygro NPK fertilizers

Easygro chelates 

‘Trace-chelates’ are chelated trace element, which are kept available at a high pH range, due to their organic connections to the molecule. Therefore, the use of chelates is always recommended, apart from the nutritional feeding schedule and the pH. This, in order to prevent a shortage of trace elements, such as iron. 
No matter what element, a deficiency is always undesired. Every trace element has an important function for the crop. 
Easygro’s chelated trace elements form a complete product range of nutritional elements and different types of packaging. 

Easygro single water-soluble fertilizers

Easygro singular soluble fertilizers

Singular fertilizers only contain one element, such as nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium. There are both fixed and liquid singular soluble fertilizers available. Besides chelates and NPKs, the Easygro assortment is extended with singular soluble fertilizers.

Easygro chelates and singular fertilizers

Besides Easygro’s singular fertilizers, many different trace element mixes are developed under the name Easymix. These mixes each have their own specific application for a cultivation in particular, which can be taken in by the crop easily. The sodium free mixes are applicable in vegetable cultivation, both in soil and on substrate. The mixes can also be used in soft fruit, floriculture and potted plants. Thanks to the chelates that can be found in the trace element mixes, the nutritional elements remain available at a high pH range. 

More information about Easygro chelates

Do you have questions about Easygro chelates or do you want a custom made advice? Please contact our crop-care specialist Jaap Lubbere by filling in the form below. 

Jaap Lubbersen About Jaap Lubbersen

Jaap Lubbersen is an internal crop care product specialist at Royal Brinkman and has had over 13 years of experience in glass horticulture. "As an internal product specialist, I deal with growers' issues on a daily basis. Every time again it is a challenge to seek the proper solution, in cooperation with the grower, whether it is about healthy and vibrant cultivation, legislation or safety."

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