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What are the advantages of blended fertilizers or composed big bags?

blended fertilizers
Written by Han van der Kooij | Last update: 24-12-2020

Blended fertilizers are becoming increasingly popular within horticulture. Different fertilizers are mixed by the producer based on the customer’s demand. The nutrients in the fertilizer mix maintain their original characteristics. This way a customized mix is made. But what are advantages of blended fertilizers? In this article our specialist explains the ins and outs.

What are blended fertilizers?

It’s a mix of single fertilizers which are mixed during the production process into an instant fertilizer recipe, packaged in a big bag. The composition of the mix is homogeneous throughout the entire big bag. This prevents the nutrients from coagulating and turning into hard layers, enabling easy pouring of the product into the fertilizing tank.

Advantages of blended fertilizers

Blended fertilizers or composed big bags have several advantages:
  • Better solvability, ensuring a clear substance in the fertilizer tank and less product precipitating on the bottom of the tank, resulting in a lower risk of blockage.
  • Nutrients can be dosed directly from the big bag, saving time and simplifying the mixing process of the fertilizers in the tanks.
  • The mix is measured carefully, meaning no waste of nutrients. This resulting in savings in terms of expenses.

Trace elements

Blended fertilizers do not contain trace elements. For optimal growth, it is recommended to add the additional trace elements, possibly chelates. You can also choose to get a custom-made trace element mix. Feel free to ask our specialists for advice.

Blended fertilizers

Questions about blended fertilizers

Do you have questions about blended fertilizers, or do you need customized advice? Please contact one of our crop care specialists, or ask your question using the form below. If you ask a question by using the form below, we'll respond within 24 hours.

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