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What is a PVC pipe fitting?

A PVC pipe fitting is a detachable piece of pipe that connects two pipes or tubing. Fittings apply to mechanical and plumbing operations. PVC fittings are also known as connectors and can be made from different materials. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is an affordable and easy to work with material. A PVC pipe is a generally gray pipe that is used to supply and drain water. This can be either dirty or clean water. PVC pipes are also used to pull electrical cables through so that they are not hanging or lying exposed somewhere on the wall or over the ground.

Different types of pvc fittings

Different types of PVC fittings have unique applications and uses. Each fitting has a various amount of iteration and applications. PVC fittings can be put into two broad categories:
  • Plumbing grade connectors- are used in plumbing drainage systems and sewer systems
  • Furniture grade connectors

Types of pvc fittings

There are a few common types of PVC fittings available:

  • Tees: PVC tees fittings come with three ends, one at a perpendicular angle and two in a straight line. Tees are commonly used in PVC structurees and plumbing projects;
  • CrossesA pipe cross is a type of pipe fitting used where four pipes meet. PVC cross fittings are commonly used in the construction of frameworks of PVC pipes;
  • Elbows: Elbow fittings commonly feature either a 45-or 90-degree bend. They are used to divert the direction of a pipe system;
  • CouplingsPVC Coupling fittings are relatively cheap and simple. It is said to couple as it connects one pipe to another or a pipe to a fitting. In many cases, the connection is often permanent;
  • UnionsUnions are similar to couplings but are designed in a way that they can be removed easily as opposed to coupling that is somehow permanent. Unions have a ring in the center that acts as a separator hence allowing for easy deconstruction and maintenance.

More information about PVC fittings

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