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Gutter Trolleys

Gutter trolleys are often used in horticulture for cleaning and inspection work on the greenhouse deck. Royal Brinkman offers various types of gutter trolleys for professional horticulture.

Gutter trolleys in horticulture

Royal Brinkman offers various types of gutter trolleys, including a gutter rail, gutter bicycle and a gutter walker. With a gutter rail you can roll through the gutter, while sitting or standing up. The gutter bycicle makes it possible to pedal through the gutter. A gutter walker makes it possible to walk in the gutter. These gutter trolleys are extremely suitable for maintenance on the greenhouse roof. This way you work safely and keep the right balance. In addition, Royal Brinkman also offers hose unrollers, ladders and a harness belt to ensure that you can work as safely as possible.

Buying gutter trolleys

Do you want to buy a gutter trolley? Then you have come to the right place. Do you have questions or do you want more information? Please contact one of our specialists. Please note that the gutter trolleys are manufactured especially for you, which means that the product cannot be returned.