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Multiroller compact E

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Multiroller compact E

Item no. 941900171
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Multi-roller compact E

The Multi-roller Compact-E was designed for rolling up and removal of walk-on film, ground film, anti-condense film, CO2 tubing, screen cloth, dripper hoses and other plastics in greenhouses and warehouses on a quick, safey and clean manner. The Multi-roller Compact-E is driven electrically / hydraulically and is therefore extremely suitable for activities as a preparation for the crop rotation in the horticulture. The powerful hydraulic pusher ensures easy push-off from the rolls.

Extra options

The Multiroller comes standard with a removable extension. Optionally, the machine can be equipped with a rope reel. This attachment provides more speed during retraction of screen cloth or film. In addition, there is no risk of damage to the cone during rope reeling.

Another option is the foil/cloth guide trolley. This is a very handy compact attachment for pulling out cloth and film. This guide carriage is clamped onto the tube rails, allowing the cloth to easily make a right-angle turn to the concrete path.

Technical specifications

Dimensions LxWxH2,311*x 1,420 x 1,490 mmOwn weight780 kg
Hydraulic operating pressureMax. 150 barElectric engine7.5 kW
Operation speedApprox. 60 m/minSupply voltage400 V
Capacity anti-condense filmApprox. 2,500 mFrequency50 Hz
Capacity screen clothApprox. 1,200 mOptionsFilm guiding cart and rope reel
Capacity walk-on film lanesApprox. 1,100 m
*2,814 mm (with extension)

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