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Danish Trolleys

Danish trolley, also called Danish container or DC-container, is one of the most used horticultural trolley. Because of its size, weight and stacking possibilities, Danish trolleys are an important added value for many growers - especially in ornamental horticulture - when it comes to (internal) transport. The Danish trolley is used all over the world for transporting potted plants and flowers.
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Danish trolleys for flowers and ornamental plants

A Danish trolley consists of 4 uprights with a various amount of shelves. The flower trolley is easy to use because it is easy to (dis-)assemble and adjust. Thanks to its efficient design, the trolleys take up minimal space when dismantled. Moreover, Danish trolleys are easy to move because of the sturdy wheels under the steel frame and are also easy to raise in height with the iron extensions or the plastic wrapping poles. There are also several couplings on the market, which can connect the Danish trolleys as a train with multiple container trolleys. In horticultural sector, the trolleys are used for various applications, including the transport of flowers and plants, presenting flowers and plants and at the least the storage of the products. Because the plate distance of this plant pot trolley can be changed from 5 to 180 cm, the trolley can be adapted specifically for the height of your flowers and plants. This makes it easy to transport flowers and plants from the grower to the auction. 

Accessories of a Danish trolleys

The Danish trolleys is besides the fact that it is good quality, also weatherproof, stackable, adjustable and suitable for long-term use. For the extension of a Danish trolley you can use various accessories. Our specialists have written an article in which they go deeper into the available accessories of the Danish trolleys. In addition to the accessories, you can also choose from different types of wheels. Depending on the load and the required manoeuvrability, you can choose the type of wheel. Would you like to know the difference between the wheels for a Danish trolley? Then read our article about the different types of wheels. If you have a question about composing a Danish trolley, you can also contact us. Our specialists from Mechinal equipment will be happy to help you. 

Buying Danish trolleys

It is important to know the difference between Danish trolleys (DC) and CC containers (CC). Royal Brinkman only offers Danish trolleys. Danish trolleys do not have a label with which they can be exchanged by the European pool system. The Danish trolley dimensions that Royal Brinkman offers are 135 x 56,5 cm and are for internal use. Planning to buy new danish trolleys?  Request a quotation easily on royalbrinkman.com.
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