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DryGair dehumidifiers | Large-scale dehumidification for horticulture

Save up to 50% of energy costs

The greenhouse climate determines the quality of the crop. A stable climate without temperature fluctuations and without excessive humidity results in better crops. Due to evaporation from the cultivation, the humidity in greenhouses is often too high. A classical solution is opening the windows, so that cold air can flow inside. However, the heaters have to keep the temperature on the right level, which eventually costs a large amount of energy and money.

The DryGair greenhouse dehumidifier is the perfect solution towards your problem! The DryGair units dehumidify the greenhouse's air. Consequently, humidity drops while moisture deficit increases. You will achieve a stable greenhouse climate, resulting in a higher yield. Did you already know the DryGair unit helps you save energy? Instead of releasing the energy contained in the water vapor outside, it is retained in the unit's cold panels. This not only prevents energy loss, but also saves up to 50% in energy!

Advantages at a glance

✔  Increased yield 
✔  Less use of crop protection products
✔  No reduction in CO2 due to closed windows
✔  Less trouble from algae growth due to dryer conditions


DryGair grenhouse dehumidifier in gerbera crop greenhouse

  • How does DryGair work?

    DryGair units are a combination of a dehumidifier and a heater, and therefore a perfect commercial greenhouse dehumidifier. The used electrical energy and the released heat are both reused in the greenhouse. The condensed humid is drained or can be used as process water. DryGair units dehumidify the greenhouse air; the relative humidity and absolute humidity drop, while the moisture deficit increases. Instead of releasing the energy contained in water vapor to the outside, it is "harvested" on the cold panels of the DryGair unit. Besides extracting water from the air, the greenhouse air is further recirculated, which ensures a uniform climate and an active crop. The water from the unit is collected and can be reused in the process water. The active climate ensures fewer fungal diseases, which reduces the use of pesticides. The DryGair unit can be controlled manually, with the unit switching to a setpoint of it's own choice, or automatically via the climate computer.

  • DryGair Technique
    1. The DryGair air unit will be placed inside the greenhouse.
    2. Just an electrical connection is needed.
    3. The used power is 10 KW.
    4. No additional inflow of hot water.
    5. The unit sucks in relatively moist air.
    6. Inside the unit, the air is dried. 
    7. The unit drains 45 litres of water per hour.
    8. One unit is suited for 5000 m2 max.
    9. Drained water can be recycled.

Calculate your return on investment

The DryGair systems enable you to save up to 50% of your energy costs! Curious to the return on investment? Discover now!

Return on investment Drygair

  • DryGair units at Jac. Oudijk in Moerkapelle

    "The DryGair units treat greenhouse air during cultivation without using outside air. All energy remains in the greenhouse; we do not lose any heat. This efficient way of dehumidifying the air saves 40% on our gas consumption". According to Wilco Westerman, head of the technical department at gerberakwekerij Jac. Oudijk in Moerkapelle.

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  • A healthier crop due to a better greenhouse climate

    Traditionally, people start heating and venting to remove excessive humidity from the air. But heating with the windows open costs energy! The DryGair is a plug & play installation that ensures low humidity in the greenhouse. Additional advantages of this are: Stable humidity and temperature, low disease pressure and lower energy costs. All in all: a healthier crop due to a better climate! Click here to see all the DryGair products.

  • DryGair is the solution for decreasing moisture

    In March 2016 Marcel Vijverberg installed two DryGair units in 8,000 m2 of greenhouse. During the night the two units easily remove 800 litres of water. As a result, heating and ventilation are no longer necessary. In addition to the lower energy bill, Vijverberg says he has a healthier crop, better climate and plant growth is more compact.

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Eef ZwinkelsAbout Eef Zwinkels

Eef Zwinkels is a product specialist for the DryGair. He was born and raised among the tomatoes and as early as in 1982, he started working in the horticulture sector, which he has done ever since. As such, he understands growers like no other. "My passion is being busy with marketing new techniques and developments regarding horticulture. Fortunately, this passion is very appropriate within Royal Brinkman."

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