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Jac Oudijk

"With DryGair units, we invest in quality" 

- Wilco Westerman, Head of Technical Services - 
  • “The DryGair units treat the greenhouse air during cultivation, without the need for outside air. All energy remains in the greenhouse; we do not lose any heat. This efficient way of dehumidifying the air results in an energy saving of 40% on our gas consumption.”

    Speaking is Wilco Westerman, head of technical services at gerbera nursery Jac. Oudijk in Moerkapelle. At Jac. Oudijk, as of October 2019, experience has been gained with dehumidification with nine DryGair installations on 27,000 square metres. "The main reason for investing in DryGair units is to improve the quality of our gerberas in combination with energy savings. We are known for our good quality and we want to keep it that way. With DryGair units we prevent high humidity in the greenhouse which is the cause of the fungal disease Botrytis. Because the air humidity is always maintained, Botrytis is no longer a problem." By the end of 2020, Jac. Oudijk's entire company will be equipped with dehumidification units; a total of 19 DryGair units will be running on seven hectares of gerbera.

    "The improvement of the greenhouse climate is large"
    Wilco Westerman, head of technical department at gerbera nursery Jac. Oudijk

Easier cultivation

Wilco finds it a great advantage that growing with DryGair is so much easier. "In the past, we were 'searching' for the right solution to lower the RH. You have to think about cracking the screen, venting, raising the tube heater and adjusting it continuously. It was always puzzling and searching for action/reaction and with DryGair that is a thing of the past. The screen stays closed, the vents stay closed, the heating does not need to be turned on unnecessarily and we do not lose heat/energy. The DryGair dehumidifier controls the dehumidification with its own greenhouse air, the RH is always at the right level and this gives peace and regularity in the climate control in the greenhouse." At Jac. Oudijk, the DryGair units are placed on frames between the crops. The installation is plug & play; after installing the units, mounting the water drainage system and connecting it to the climate computer, it is just a matter of turning it on and it runs. At Jac. Oudijk, the units are also provided with a coating so that the use of sulphur has no adverse effect on the wet panels.

  • Jac. Oudijk expands to 19 DryGair units on 7 ha.

  • Gerbera growers Laurens (l) and Dirk-Jan Oudijk.

  • The installation of DryGair units is plug & play.

Efficiency through energy saving

DryGair units are a sustainable solution for greenhouse dehumidification because of the energy savings and the reuse of water. The energy savings were an important argument for Jac. Oudijk to choose to install a second series of ten DryGair units. Wilco: "We have been able to save 40% on gas consumption in the department where the units are running. It therefore also fits in well with our aim of sustainable gerbera cultivation. Besides that, the water that the DryGair extracts from the greenhouse air is reused in our cultivation system."

Eef ZwinkelsAbout Eef Zwinkels

Eef Zwinkels is a product specialist for the DryGair. He was born and raised among the tomatoes and as early as in 1982, he started working in the horticulture sector, which he has done ever since. As such, he understands growers like no other. "My passion is being busy with marketing new techniques and developments regarding horticulture. Fortunately, this passion is very appropriate within Royal Brinkman."

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