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Meet Costel Rusu

Costel Rusu has been working at Royal Brinkman since 2018 as an account manager. ‘As an account manager, my goal is to help growers and make them feel satisfied. They need to feel heard and know that we are always there to help them.’ 
  • Customer contact

    ‘The best thing about my work is that, in addition to the customer contact, I also enjoy the trips I make for work. During these trips, visiting growers is central. When I'm there, I can see with my own eyes what growers are doing, what problems they are having and what opportunities there are to improve the cultivation. During those trips, I have a lot of interaction with people across the industry and that is very nice. 

    Finding solutions

    ‘Identifying the customer's needs and problems is what makes my job challenging. You want to tackle these problems and find the right solutions for them. And you have to be able to respond well to that. Even more challenging is finding solutions to problems you haven't seen before and neither have the client.‘ 

    Knowledge is important

    ‘In my work, knowledge is important, because with that knowledge I can help the customer. If I don't master certain knowledge myself, I will engage in an active dialogue with our product specialists. For example, I actively try to have discussions with product specialists, so that I can also share that information with my customers.’

  • Costel Rusu

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