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    Royal Brinkman

    Royal Brinkman is a supplier, installer and consultant for the professional horticultural industry. It was granted the predicate ‘Royal’ in 1985 when the company celebrated its 100th year anniversary. Founded in 1885, Royal Brinkman has been active in the horticultural industry for 130 years. At that time, Mr C. Brinkman started the business in ‘s-Gravenzande selling items such as ‘Sparrietouw’ which is a type of rope used for crates and tarpaulins on Westland barges but also for bundling asparagus. Since then, Royal Brinkman has become one of the largest and most renowned suppliers for the horticultural industry in the world.

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Royal Brinkman at home in global horticulture

For the organisation to be viable in the future, it is important to respond to changes in the world and, more specifically, the international horticultural industry. The Royal Brinkman strategy was revised and restated in 2014.


The Royal Brinkman vision is incorporated in the following six core statements: 
  1. Royal Brinkman is an international horticultural supplier with strong local representation in the most important horticultural countries around the world.
  2. Knowledgeable employees from Royal Brinkman offer specialized products and solutions to the professional horticulture entrepreneur involved in covered cultivation.
  3. Royal Brinkman supplies products, systems and services in the field of crop rotation, crop care, crop protection & disinfection, packaging & design, mechanisation, technical projects and other service products.
  4. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of products with a strong focus on convenience, availability, application and delivery reliability.
  5. By engaging in strategic partnerships and collaborations with manufacturers. Royal Brinkman develops new solutions and applications for customers.
  6. The knowledge Royal Brinkman has of the needs of its customers and its cultivation and operational processes, actively contributes to the operational reliability of customers.


‘Royal Brinkman at home in global horticuluture’

Royal Brinkman will provide its customers with optimal service in the fields of seven respective themes; crop rotation, crop protection & disinfection, crop care, packaging & design, mechanisation, technical projects and service products.
Customers will be treated in a “custom made” manner through local offices or dealers, or by means of personal sales and specialties as well as an efficient and well developed webshop. Efficiently managed logistics is the key to further success. The delivery of a team performance is what makes the difference. 

Core values

Royal Brinkman's core values are:
Operational reliability - Convenience – Products/services availability – Practical expertise – Reliability of supply

These five core values form an essential part of Royal Brinkman's service provision to its customers:
  • Offering operational reliability; increase the customer's performance and decrease their production risk.
  • Offering convenience; the convenience of choice, ordering, delivery, administration, etc.
  • Offering the availability of products/services; the right product at the right place at the right price.
  • Offering the right practical expertise; layout, quantity, efficient and effective use.
  • Offering reliability of supply: product, quality, quantity, packaging, delivery times, location and documentation.

Core competences

At Royal Brinkman, we aim for three core competencies. These core competences help us to take the extra step every day, and we think it is important that each colleague expresses these values:
  • Work client-oriented: you image yourself as a customer and proactively try to create the optimal situation for the customer.
  • Working together: you make an effective contribution to the common goal in cooperation with others. 
  • Performance-motivation: you show enthusiasm and dedication on your own initiative and never settle for an average result.

Corporate social responsibility

Royal Brinkman wants to make a contribution to society by making conscious choices in the field of product range, advice, legislation and regulations. We also take part in various actions, from sponsoring the local football club to investing in the development of organic crop protection.

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