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All products you need to produce chrysanthemums

Royal Brinkman offers advice, knowledge, and products for professional growing of chrysanthemums. On this page you’ll find all you need for growing your crop. We believe that our horticultural knowledge, expertise and products ensure you, to have time to grow the best crops. Below you can find more information regarding our products for chrysanthemums.

Wire nettings and support materials
Organic fertilizers
Sticky trap holders, Rolls and plates
Chemical crop protection products
Measuring equipment
Cleaning and disinfecting machines and installations
Binding elastics
Steam cover
Sleeves and packaging equipment
Wetting agents
Shading agents
Personal hygiene

Shading agents

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Sleeves and packing equipment

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Fertilizers, chelates and trace elements

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  • Steamcover / rotosteam

    Since 1987 Royal Brinkman provides the ROTOSTEAM steam foil. The most striking advantage of this steam foil is the weight which is only 150  grams per square meter. This is about one third of a PVC steam foil. Rotosteam is very tough, so that there is a little chance of stretching. Because of this, the condensation and energy losses are minimal and the steam foil stays in position better. 

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  • Wire netting and support

    The wire nettings and support materials are made of high quality galvanized materials, which is fabricated in the Netherlands. Galvanised wire is an aluminium -zinc allegation which is much more durable. The width wires are made of hard material, so the wire nettings remain on the same width. The length wires are soft wires which makes rolling easier. Wire nettings are available in standard sizes but can also be custom made. The wire nettings are suitable for mechanized plant system. 

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  • Measuring equipment

    A full range of measuring products are available to measure EC, pH, temperature, relative humidity, light levels, CO2 and water content in substrate or soil. The Elmeco EC meter has an automatic temperature correction, together with the the pH meter these are crucial meters.

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  • Cleaning and disinfecting machines and installations

    Royal Brinkman offers a complete range of hygiene and cleaning equipment like hand disinfecting units and scrubbing machines. These complete hygiene and cleaning appliances provides an easy and effective hygienic solution in the greenhouse.

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  • Sticky trap plates and rolls

    Brinkman supplies a full range of sticky trap rolls and plates in different sizes and two different colors: yellow and blue. The yellow traps have a high force of attraction to aphids, leaf miners, white flies and fungus gnats. The blue traps are specially designed to catch thrips.

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  • Menno florades

    Disinfection is becoming more and more important in every cropping system. Due to the fact that less curative crop protection products are approved we have to look at other means of keeping crops free of disease. Menno Florades is a multipurpose useable product, which covers all aspects of a high quality hygiene management program.

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