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All products you need to produce gerberas

Royal Brinkman offers advice, knowledge, and products for professional growing of gerberas. On this page you’ll find all you need for growing your crop. We believe that our horticultural knowledge, expertise and products ensure you, to have time to grow the best crops. Below you can find more information regarding our products for gerberas.

Wrapping film
Biological crop protection Chemical crop protection
CO2 hoses
Hebo cutter
Disinfection and cleaning
Shading agents

Hebo Halters

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  • Cleaning and disinfection decision aid

    Cleaning and disinfection are of great importance for hygienic cultivation. It’s the only way to prevent diseases, bacteria and pests, and to prevent infection of crops. Cleaning and disinfection are therefore necessary parts for crop and production quality. 

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  • How to manage your crop with pH and EC

    PH and EC influence absorption of fertilizers throughout crops. Factors like, fertilizer choice, pH, EC and outlet water greatly influence reaching maximum results. It is therefore important to know how to adjust the pH and EC of nutrient solutions. Our specialist give you 3 tips in this article.

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  • What are the differences between powder and liquid shading agents?

    Since the 1970’s developments in the horticultural sector have increased rapidly. As greenhouses grew bigger and taller, gutters grew longer and thinner and spraying techniques became more sophisticated. With these developments the demand for a different way of ‘chalking’ also grew louder. It needed to be easier, faster, safer and more accurate. From this demand liquid shading agents have arisen. 

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