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The art of cultivating medical cannabis

The cultivation of medical cannabis is a thriving and innovative business. Due to a growing social acceptance towards this crop and extensive research with regards to its applications, the market for medical cannabis grows by the day. Still, many questions with regards to the optimal process of cultivating cannabis remain unanswered. We at Royal Brinkman see this as an opportunity to innovate, and together with you, explore the significant parameters for this medical crop. Since the prevention of diseases and infestations is an important facet of cultivating medical cannabis, we have already explored ways to combine existing products that complement and enhance each other so they can help prevent problems. Check our pages on climate control and hygiene management for more information or browse our full assortment. 

Combining the best of both worlds; your vision and our expertise

We believe that with our Dutch heritage, horticultural knowledge & expertise, and your vision for cultivating medical cannabis, we can facilitate the best growing conditions for your unique situation. Whether you are solely looking for a specific product, or require a complete custom made solution; we are your partner of choice. 

The department of technical projects Royal Brinkman offers sustainable Turn-Key solutions. We provide water, electrical and climate installations of a high quality level, controlled by sophisticated computer software.  Lighting, ventilation and air movement, humidification, irrigation and fertilization, heating/ cooling and carbon dioxide supplementation are all crucial to your business. Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to assist you in realizing your plans for new construction or renovation from the start. Opting for Royal Brinkman Technology means choosing reliability, quality and durability. 

Below you can find more information with regards to our products and services. If you wish to receive more information, don't hesitate to contact us!

Hygiene management

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Climate control

Other recommendations

Hygiene Management

  • The Secrets of Cultivating Medical Cannabis: Hygiene Management

    Hygiene management is a vital aspect of cultivating medical cannabis. Not only is it a valuable crop, but the industry is also heavily regulated, making crop protection and safety challenging and costly endeavors. By having and upholding a good hygiene protocol, you can greatly reduce the risks of losing the crop due to diseases and infestations, resulting in a healthy crop and a consistent and high quality end product. 

    But how does one set up a good hygiene plan? What aspects do you need to consider? What are the problem areas?

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  • Tips for Usage & Maintenance of a Disinfection Mat

    A disinfectant mat helps to keep harmful microorganisms outside and is therefore an important part of company hygiene. For the best result, it is important that you take a number of things into account. That starts with the purchase! In this article we listed the 11 most common errors concerning the choice for a disinfection mat, so you don't have to make these mistakes!

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  • Sticky Traps to Identify and Catch Pests

    Monitoring and mass-trapping of flying insects is essential to avoid pests and diseases in your crop from getting out of control. Sticky traps are an easy tool to help you catch flying insects and monitor the level of plagues in your greenhouse. There are some differences in the sticky trap range. Sticky trap sheets are used to identify and count flying insects. The Sticky Trap rolls are used for mass-trapping of flying insects.

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Climate Control

  • Winning Tactics For Climate Control

    A focus on standardization in growing medical cannabis is key.  Being in control of the climate is a major factor in mitigating variability.  Avoiding plant stress due to non-optimal light intensities or temperature and humidity conditions, prevents crop loss during each stage of plant growth and is therefore a number one priority. In this article you can read more about which aspects to consider when controlling your climate, and how our specialists can assist you.

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  • Optimized Irrigation Systems; The Fast Track To Healthy Cannabis

    An efficient irrigation system is a crucial component for growing any crop. After all it is responsible for supplying water and nutrients to the plants. However, choosing the right irrigation system can be tricky since there are several types of irrigation systems and irrigation techniques are continually evolving. This is where our specialists can be of assistance.

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  • Smart Sensors Providing Real-Time Insights

    Horticulture is becoming a precision science and nowadays data at crop level is indispensable. Using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, you can closely follow the conditions of your crop using wireless sensors. This allows you to make better decisions based on real-time information and react more quickly to critical and pressing situations. Ultimately, you can increase productivity, reduce crop loss, and save valuable energy by integrating wireless sensors into your cultivation process.

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