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Royal Brinkman offers advice, knowledge, and products for growing pot plants professionally. On this website you have access to 30 000 horticultural supplies for professional growers, worldwide delivery and personal advice from our specialists. On this page you’ll find specified products and information for growing pot plants indoors. We believe that our horticultural knowledge, expertise and products ensure you, to have time to grow the best crops. Below you can find more information regarding our products for pot plants.

For growing pot plants in a greenhouse, you need a products for different aspects. To create the optimal environment for growing pot plants greenhouses can be equipped with:
  • capillary mat is a mat that distributes water evenly over the plants from below. The advantage of watering from below is that there’s good root development in the pot.
  • Menno Florades is a powerful disinfectant based on Benzoic acid which is highly effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and viroid. 
  • As employer it is important to offer your employees an environment where there are important personal safety and protection steps taken.

When the pot plants are growing in the greenhouse and it is time for sales and transport, you have to think of the following products:
  • Pots are an important part of many pot plants growing companies in professional greenhouse horticulture. Every crop has its own wishes and needs. That is why Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of different plant pots and plant containers.
  • Grow regulators contain chemically synthesized active substances that have a regulating function on the development of the plant.
  • Bamboo is essential for supporting plants. By using bamboo plant support sticks you get the desired and correct shape and height.
  • The efficient packing and sleeving equipment stand is easy to use, saving you time and money. For example the Hebo halters prevents flowers and leaves from getting damaged when being sleeved and when using it results in a significant labor reduction.
  • A decent Fertilizer for pot plants, like fertiplus, is essential to get the most out of your pot plants cultivation  
  • Plant trays are widely used in professional horticulture and have an influence on the growth and quality of the crop.
  • Preservative products conditions the flower to improve the vase life.


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