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Diffuse coatings

With D-FUSE, the light in the greenhouse is made diffuse light. Diffused light penetrates deeper into the crop. Because more diffuse light reaches the bottom of the crop. Parts of the plants that are normally covered in shade receive diffused light with D-FUSE. This results in an active crop which is more balanced and has a higher photosynthesis. Ultimately this will result in better quality and maximum growth of the crop.

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Difference between diffuse coating and shading agents

Diffuse coatings and shading agents are both screen agents that are used to create an optimal greenhouse climate with diffuse light. However, there is a big difference between these two:
  • Diffuse coating ensures diffuse light in the greenhouse, which ensures that the incoming light is well dispersed. 
  • Shading agents reflect the light, reducing the heat in the crop. So there is a definite difference between shading agents and diffuse coatings the greenhouse deck.

In an article our specialist lists the differences between diffuse coatings and shading agents for the diffuse light and diffuse reflection. 

Types of diffuse coatings

Various diffuse coatings are available for (glass) horticulture. A suitable diffuse coating is available for every crop requirement. Get advice from one of our shading agent specialists. This way you always create an optimal greenhouse climate with diffuse light and diffuse reflection.

Application of diffuse coatings

Diffusion coatings must be applied properly to ensure that the plant really benefits from the diffuse light and diffuse reflection. There are several factors that can cause the coating to be applied unevenly, such as a dirty greenhouse cover. In an article our specialist explains what to take into account when applying a diffuse coating

Buy diffuse coating

The assortiment diffuse coatings of Royal Brinkman exists of D-Fuse, D-Fuse Extra and D-Gree. Do you want to receive more information or would you like to get advice about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact one of our shading agents specialists. On working days we will get back to you within 24 hours. 
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