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Cleaning products and disinfectants

Everything on one page for hygiene and disinfection. Cleaning products that are enviromently friendly and non-corrosive for your greenhouse. Disinfectants and cleaning are two important pillars for a hygienic cultivation. Royal Brinkman has a wide range of cleaning and disinfection agents at its disposal; both for disinfecting the greenhouse, glass cleaning, hand washing, hand disinfectant and cleaning products. 

Disinfectants and cleaning in horticulture

Hygiene is an important point of attention for professional greenhouse horticulture. Food safety and certification have played an increasingly important role for livestock horticulture companies in recent years. Cleaning agents and disinfectants keep diseases, bacteria and pests out, thus preventing crop damage. A disinfection scan offers a solution for mapping the overall company hygiene. We offer sanitizing units, flexxomat, mobile disinfection units, greenhouse glass cleaners and more horticultural disinfectants. At a horticultural company you can think for example of cleaning various surfaces, materials, hands and footwear, but also the well-cleaned, clean glass is of great importance. Moreover, visitors should disinfect their hands and washing their hands upon entering the building. Want to know what else to take into account, like cleaning products and how to clean machines? Check out the articles on hygiene and disinfection in our Knowledge Center

Different types of cleaning and disinfectant agents

Royal Brinkman has various cleaning products and disinfectant products, such as the flexxomat, in its range: both foam and non-foam disinfectants. Foam ensures that it increases the effectiveness of the disinfectant by the greater hectic capacity. Some foam disinfectants are specialized for the glass greenhouse. Royal Brinkman also has exclusive disinfectants such as Menno Florades. Menno Florades is the only disinfectant for greenhouse horticulture with an effect against all bacteria, fungi and viruses. A cleaning product is often not enough to kill diseases and fungi. Therefore it is recommended to use a disinfectant. 

Cleaning product

For cleaning large cultivation areas you can use DiBO cleaning machines. This cleaning equipment is especially suitable for scrubbing, vacuuming or spraying large surfaces. They also have a range of disinfection units.
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