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Disinfectants and cleaning products

Disinfectants and cleaning are two important pillars for a hygienic cultivation. Royal Brinkman has a wide range of cleaning and disinfection agents at its disposal; both for disinfecting the greenhouse, hand washing, hand disinfectant and cleaning products.
  • Hand disinfection

    The impact of plant disease in the horticulture business can be enormous. The importance of good cleaning, like hands washing and disinfection is recognized more and more. Key focus is on hand disinfection. With this you minimize the chance of diseases and pests entering or spreading through people. You can never take chances concerning hygiene.

    Disinfecting and Cleaning

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  • Advantages of disinfection with foam

    When using liquid cleaning or disinfection methods, the efficacy of the cleaning product always depends on the interaction between the application time and concentration. Even though a grower can influence the concentration, this is not always the case with the application time. This depends on application techniques and climate conditions. With foam as a cleaning product or disinfectant method you can also influence the application time. 

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  • 3 tips for the maintenance of disinfectant mats

    A disinfectant mat is a preventive hygiene solution for person and transport traffic in the horticulture to prevent micro organisms entering the glasshouse, and their potential effect. But with only placing mats you are not there yet; the mats also need to be cleaned to deliver the best results. That’s why we would like to offer you 3 tips. 

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  • What is the best way to clean different kinds of materials?

    The amount and type of dirt in horticulture differs significantly from other sectors. Soiling caused by the remains of plants, plant sap, soil, dust and other organic materials strongly adheres to various surfaces. The decreasing properties of cleaners dissolve this organic material better. A thorough cleaning of products is therefore of great importance in order to work hygienically and should always occur prior to starting the disinfectant. Cleaning is therefore an important step in the crop rotation process.

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  • What is the difference between cleaning and disinfection?

    Cleaning and disinfectants are of great importance for hygienic cultivation. It’s the only way to prevent diseases, bacteria and pests, and to prevent infection of crops. Cleaning and disinfectants are therefore necessary parts for crop and production quality.

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  • How do I prevent and combat algae in the reservoir?

    Stagnant water can cause heavy algae growth. This has multiple negative effects. First, algae growth is bad for the water quality. In addition algae can clog pipes, pumps and droppers. It is therefore important to prevent algae as much as possible and, if needed, to combat. We’re giving you tips.

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Disinfectants and cleaning in horticulture

Hygiene is an important point of attention for professional greenhouse horticulture. Food safety and certification have played an increasingly important role for livestock horticulture companies in recent years. Cleaning agents and disinfectants keep diseases, bacteria and pests out, thus preventing crop damage. A disinfection scan offers a solution for mapping the overall company hygiene. At a horticultural company you can think for example of cleaning various surfaces, materials, hands and footwear, but also the well cleaned, clean glass is of great importance. Moreover, visitors should disinfect their hands and washing their hands upon entering the building. Want to know what else to take into account, like cleaning products and how to clean machines? Check out the articles on hygiene and disinfection in our Knowledge Base. 

Different types of cleaning and disinfectant agents

Royal Brinkman has various cleaning products and disinfectant products in its range: both foam and non-foam disinfectants. Foam ensures that it increases the effectiveness of the disinfectant by the greater hectic capacity. Royal Brinkman also has exclusive disinfectants such as Menno Florades. Menno Florades is the only disinfectant for greenhouse horticulture with an effect against all bacteria, fungi and viruses. A cleaning product is often not enough to kill diseases and fungi. Therefore it is recommended to use a disinfectant. 

Cleaning product

For cleaning large cultivation areas you can use DiBO cleaning machines. This cleaning equipment is especially suitable for scrubbing, vacuuming or spraying large surfaces. 
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