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Tips for hand disinfection in horticulture

Hand disinfection in horticultureThe impact of plant disease in the horticulture business can be enormous. The importance of good cleaning and disinfection is recognized more and more. Key focus is on hand disinfection. With this you minimize the chance of diseases and pests entering or spreading through people. You can never take chances concerning hygiene.

Employees and visitors

Personal hygiene – especially hand disinfection – deserves extra attention. Disease is easily spread via the hands (by completing various work tasks). Hand disinfection targets two groups: employees employed in their own work place and visitors – especially those who go from one business to another and in that way can spread disease.

Different types of hand disinfection

There are different applications of hand disinfection. First, one can use disinfection products for wet hands, which is suitable for hand washing at, for example, a sink. In addition there as disinfetcion products for dry hands which can be used without water, which is handy for use during while working on the crops. Finally, hand disinfection can also be integrated into a entrance gate or in a complete hygiene station where both hands and feet are simutaneously cleand and decontaminated.

First clean, then disinfect

To be able to disinfect your hands properly, it is important to clean them first. By washing the hands with hand soap, you remove the dirt and grease layer from the hands, so that the disinfectant can then reach the bacteria on the hands. A disinfectant does not remove this layer of grease and dirt, so only disinfecting (without first cleaning) has little effect.

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