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What is the advantage of carrying out a company audit? 

Growers and organizations in floriculture constantly seek new opportunities to improve the quality of their crops much as possible. Royal Brinkman can perform an audit on your company to provide insight into processes that might affect the quality of your flowers. 
To control this quality, Royal Brinkman and Chrysal collaborate, by offering company audits. With this company audit measurements are done on several locations within your company. It follows all the processes the flowers go through from harvesting until leaving the greenhouse. 


First, the temperature within the greenhouse is measured, after which the quality of the water in the harvest tanks is measured. In addition, harvesting tools such as scissors are examined and a dosage check is carried out on the pre-treatment product.

Sorting area

The sorting area is also assessed. Hygiene is extremely important here. Besides visual checks, samples are taken from the sorting machine, workbenches and scissors. Dry swaps are used to determine the state of hygiene in this area.

Cooling cell

Then, the cold stores are examined. This might vary from number and size. From one single cell to an impact cell (harvested product) and a removal cell (sorted product). Research on the water used plays an important role in this aspect. The temperature, pH and hardness as well as the presence of micro-organisms in the water are measured. The degree of contamination is measured by means of a petrifilm. In addition, the botrytis pressure is examined with of a botrytical scale. Finally, a dosage control performed here. 


After the data has been collected, a report concerning the situation of your company is made. Advice on possible improvements to the chain or pre-treatment product will be given. Royal Brinkman has a broad assortment of pre-treatment products that can support you in this. If you’d like to really improve your quality, pay attention to the preliminary process as well. A good instrument/ method cannot improve a bad starting position. 

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