What’s the difference between the shading agents Q3 White and Q4 White?

Q3 White and Q4 WhiteQ3 White and Q4 White are shading agents based on calcium carbonate. Actually, only one difference between the two shading agents can be named, which is the extent to which it is weatherproof and thus its lifespan. This difference influences the different manners of application for these two products. In this article, an elaboaration on the difference between Q3 and Q4 is given by one of our specialists.

Extent to which Q3 and Q4 White are weatherproof

Q3 White is a medium chalk shading agent which can be compared to normal product in terms of its functioning. Q4 White is more resistant to different types of weather, since it contains a patented binder (ensuring the product to remain on the surface). This is why Q4’s lifespan is longer than Q3’s lifespan and why it’s more suitable for lower shading percentages and longer periods of shading. 

Low shading percentage

Every shading agent becomes less weather resistant once the dosage is lowered, because the liquid that is sprayed contains relatively less binder per hectare than in higher dosages. While Q4 was developed it was ensured to be maximally weather proof regardless of the shading percentage. The product remains maximally weather proof when it’s raining for instance with a shading percentage of 65%. The shading remains for a longer period of time. This is why Q4 is recommended for use when light shading or a long period of shading is desired. Q4 White has a lifespan of 8-25 weeks depending on the dosage. 

High shading percentage

Some crops, like hederas, lilies or phalaenopsis don’t like bright light and need a thick layer of shading,which shades more than 65%. Q3 can be used for high shading percentages. The relative amount of binder in the spraying liquid per hectare increases  and results in a longer lifespan, which can be compared to Q4 White.

Shading period

Because Q3 White is less weatherproof than Q4 White, Q3 is a great and profitable option for a short period of shading. Also when shading is needed several times a year, Q3 White can be used perfectly. Would you rather apply a layer of shading which lasts all season? Choose Q4 White.

Front of the green house

Q3 White is also an excellent mean for the shading of the fronts of green houses, since these are heavily subjected to the weather and therefore the need for a weatherproof shading agent is less crucial. 

Removing the agents

At the end of the season our products are easily removable with Removit.

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