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What is Q-Black and what is it suitable for?

Written by Lars Lammerlaan | Last update: 11-02-2021

Some cultivations require maximum shading of which the Phalaenopsis is a good example. This plant has a bad tolerance for direct sunlight and heat and therefore requires an almost year-round protection. Phalaenopsis generally disappear under a thick protective layer as early as February or March only to reveal themselves again in October or November. For such crops, which depend on maximum long term protection from sunlight and heat Q-Black has been developed. In its highest dose Q-Black will shade almost up to 90% of incoming sunlight and thus heat. An ideal solution for shade-loving plants like the Phalaenopsis.

Different applications

But not only plants profit from the maximum heat reduction Q-Black offers. Just like plants we humans also do not like to work in too hot conditions. When working in certain workspaces, such as sheds, caravan storages, processing rooms or warehouses a pleasant climate is also desirable as temperatures rise in the hot summer months. Too high temperatures in a packing or storage hall are not only detrimental to the quality and shelf life of fresh products, but also have a negative effect on productivity and overall satisfaction of employees. Too high temperatures in water storage rooms evaporate irrigation water with costly fertilizers. In all these cases Q-Black could be deployed when maximum shading against sunlight and heat is desired. In this way a pleasant working climate for plant, product and personnel can easily be created.


More information

Do you require any further information about Q-Black or do you want personal advice? Contact our shading specialist Lars Ammerlaan or fill in the form below.

Specialist Lars AmmerlaanAbout Lars Ammerlaan

Lars Ammerlaan, product specialist in shading agents and diffuse coatings, has been working at Royal Brinkman since 2017. After the position of assistant cultivation manager, and later on account manager, he made the switch to his current position. Lars has gained a lot of knowledge through his practical experience, which enables him to offer customers targeted and personal advice. Lars enjoys visiting the growers’ greenhouses and thinking along with them about suitable solutions. 'The challenging part of this job is the international part. Abroad things can sometimes be very different compared to the Netherlands and that makes it an interesting job, in which I can continue to develop myself.

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