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SilicaPower, for a stronger crop

Written by Maarten Casteleijn | Last update: 08-03-2021

Nowadays, the assortment of chemical products is forced back. That is why it is believed to be very important to improve the plant resilience. For this, biostimulants are used regularly. SilicaPower is a biostimulant that can help improve the plant resilience. The product is based on silicon and knows many advantages. In this article, information is given by our product specialist plant resilience.  

What is SilicaPower?

SilicaPower is a biostimulant based on willow bark and has a 100% systemic effect. Despite the fact that silicon (Si) is not one of the fourteen indispensable elements, the element can be absorbed by the crop naturally. Without silicon, the plant can grow, but by adding this element, the crop becomes more resilient. Therefore, in recent years, it has been used in various crops more and more. 

Silicon  can be classified as one of the 'missing elements'. The missing elements are substances from which a plants benefits, but which are not registered as fertilizers. These missing elements are often referred to as biostimulants. 
The most common form of silicon cannot be absorbed by the plant. That is why this element is offered in SilicaPower in an easily absorbable form, namely in orthosilicic extract. With 3% orthosilicic extract, SilicaPower has a high concentration of silicon, which is easily absorbed by the plant.

What is orthosilicic extract?

Orthosilicic extract is a 'weak extract', which is derived from silicon dioxide SiO₂. There are a number of forms available of the diluted solution of orthosilicic extract, all with the general formula SiO₂.n H₂O. Because it is a weak extract, there is no need to make any adjustment to the PH when it is applied in the fertilizer tank.

Advantages of SilicaPower

  • Measurable (with dry matter measurement)
  • Strong cell walls and a harder leaf surface
  • Improved water absorption (reduced risk of drought stress)
  • Improved dietary intake of calcium (reduced risk of nasal rotting/leaf rim)
  • More intense flower color
  • Easy to use, no adjustment of the recipe and pH needed
  • No growth inhibition
  • Wide-ranging 

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Function of SilicaPower

Silicon occurs in many soils, but often in a form, which cannot be taken in by plants. This can be released by soil life. Often in these circumstances, for example in potting soil, not enough soil life can be found, which can make this silicon free and absorbable for the crop. For this reason, silicon can be applied to the crop by means of SilicaPower, which is an absorbable form of silicon. This compensates for the concentration of silicon that was present in the plant, but could not be absorbed. But why is this important? 

SilicaPower causes many positive changes in the plant's constitution. Because SilicaPower is literally built into the plant, it strengthens the cell wall and the epidermis of plants, which can also be felt on a harder leaf. In addition, it ensures a better distribution and, above all, absorption of calcium and various trace elements by the plant.

SilicaPower makes the plant less sensitive to drought. This is because plant cells with silicon are less permeable to moisture. Moreover, the stomata become firmer due to silicon and are therefore better regulated, which means that they close better and firmer. Finally, in addition to an improved water and nutrient absorption, SilicaPower also increases the process of photosynthesis and the plant’s metabolism.

Measurable function of SilicaPower

It is important to take measurements in the crop, in order to see whether the product that was used has had any effect. This is also interesting because in 20% of the Dutch greenhouses, there is too little silicon available to the plant. 

When executing a measurement, the concentration of absorbable silicon will not be the same everywhere. Not even when exactly the same amount is administered. This depends entirely on the growing medium (which type of soil or substrate), the pH value, temperature and humidity of the soil.

The non-absorbable silicon forms that occur in the soil are easy to measure in the drain water. What should be kept in mind is, that this is where the non-absorbable silicon is measured. The silicon that is of no use to the plant.

The effect and presence of silicon can also be measured in another way. The possible effects become visible
by analyzing an untreated and a crop treated with Silicapower in a similar climate, at the same time.

When using SilicaPower, the effect and presence of silicon can also easily be measured in a different way. By doing a dry matter measurement before using SilicaPower and after using SilicaPower, you can see how much absorbable silicon is actually actively built into the plant. Like this, the effect of the silicon on the crop can be assessed for each situation. On average, the concentration of silicon in the crop is between 0.1% and 10% of dry matter. Because this varies per crop, it is best to take a measurement in order to gain insight into what kind of crop the effect is. 

Application of SilicaPower

SilicaPower can be given to the crop in different ways. For example, you can choose to give SilicaPower through the fertilizer tank (A-tank), but the product can also be applied to the crop by means of foliar fertilization. Because SilicaPower contains 3% pure orthosilicic extract, no adjustments need to be made in the fertilizer tank. 

It is so easily absorbed that it is very effective in a relatively low concentration. Due to its good absorbency and low concentration, it also has virtually no effect on the EC value. Therefore, the EC does not have to be taken into account when using SilicaPower.

A practical advantage of using SilicaPower is that it is pH-neutral, which means that extra control of the pH value in the fertilizer tank is unnecessary.

Dosage of SilicaPower

For an optimal performance of SilicaPower, it is recommended to spray every 7 days or every 5 days in dry periods. 

When choosing to apply the biostimulant to the crop by spraying, the recommended dosage is 100ml of SilicaPower/100 litres of water with a minimum of 500 ml/ha. 

When the biostimulant is given via the manure trough or separate suction trough, the recommended dosage is 350 ml SilicaPower/ha/week.

More information about SilicaPower

Do you have any questions about SilcaPower, or do you need personal advice? Please contact our specialist Maarten Casteleijn by filling in the form below. We'll respond within 24 hours on working days.
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