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Combating drought with AquaGro L

As a result of climate change, in this day and ages we are confronted more and more often with warm, sunny and dry summers, which could lead to water shortages and all consequences involved. One of the products that could be used to reduce the risk of water shortage as much as possible, is AquaGro L. This product improves the uptake of water, nutrients and resources. Jan Krouwer, crop protection specialist, explains the advantages of AquaGro L.

Let your crop shine during the dry summer

AquaGro L was developed especially for optimal water distribution in the substrate, so as to be sure that irrigation water ends up in the right place at all times. “Optimal availability of water and nutrients and an ideal water/air ratio are the two main conditions for the healthy development of a plant,” says Jan Krouwer. “Ading AquaGro L will not adversely affect the air management in the substrate, while the substrate does get optimally moisturized. The use of AquaGro L thus results in a higher quality of plants.”

Multiple advantages

Accoring to Jan Krouwer, AquaGro L has multiple advantages. For example, a plant will absorb more water, nutrients and resources more quickly. This allows to you to make optimal use of the resources that are being administered. Are you curious about how the plant responds to AquaGro L, then watch the video.

Tip: apply AquaGro L for the transport to the consumer. Plants will be better able to endure the stressful period and can easily be re-moisturized. This will ensure happy clients.

More information about AquaGro L

Would you like more information about the use of AquaGro L, or would you like customized advice? Then ask your question to crop protection specialist Jan-Paul de Wit via form below. We will contact you as soon as possible - even within 24 hours on work days.

Jan-PaulAbout Jan-Paul de Wit

Jan-Paul de Wit is specialist in Integrated Pest Management. He helps and advices growers on how to improve their crops and how to fight diseases, viruses and pests. He advises on the best products to use so that they optimally match the objectives of the grower, as well as the crop, greenhouse and environment.

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