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How to feed bumblebees

Feeding Bumblebees
Written by Kevin van Kester | Last update: 15-10-2020

Bumblebees eat pollen. They obtain most of the pollen they need from the flowers in the crop, but in some cases this quantity is not enough. A shortage of pollen has a negative influence on the bumblebees and thus on the pollination effect. Therefore, if there is a shortage of pollen in the crop, the bumblebees should be fed manually. We explain how to feed bumblebees.

Working method for how to feed bumblebees

  • Fill a measuring cup with 55 millilitres of pollen. This is enough food for a complete bumblebee colony for 5 to 6 days.
  • Open the bumblebee box.
  • Sprinkle the pollen through the grid in one corner of the bumblebee box.
  • Ensure that no pollen is left on the grille.
  • Close the bumblebee box.

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  • Watch the video to see how bumblebees are fed. 

Do you have questions about feeding bumblebees?

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