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How to place bumble bee hives

Bumble bee hives
Written by Kevin van Kester | Last update: 18-6-2021

Bumblebee hives are used as a nest for bumblebees. Bumblebees are used in horticulture as natural pollinators. These bee hives are the bases from which the bumble bees spread through the crops. It is important to position these bee hives in the right areas for optimum pollination. Keep several points in mind with this. We will itemize these points for you.

Important points for bumble bee hive placement

  • Bumble bees are orientated by sight. Place bee hives in highly visible areas along the path so they can easily find their way back. It is important to have sufficient contrast between the hive and its surroundings, so bumble bees can distinguish the hive.
  • Ensure that the entrances are clearly visible for the bumble bees and place the exits in several directions to ensure the bees will always find an entrance.
  • Spread the hives throughout the greenhouse and stack a maximum of three hives high.
  • Always position the hives horizontally, keeping in mind the sugar water placed in the hive. The sugar water will spill if the hive sits crooked.
  • Protect the hives from condensation and rain water to prevent damage.
  • Never place bumble bee hives in full sun. If needed, protect them with an insulating sheet. 
  • Close the hives a few hours before sunset when used with illuminated crops
  • It may be necessary to place populations in the back as well when you have paths longer than 120 meters.


Watch the video below to see how to place bumblebee hives.

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