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How do you secure a yellow sticky trap holder?

sticky trap holder
Written by Jan-Paul de Wit| Last update 12-02-2020

The yellow sticky tape roll is often used to naturally identifying pests in crop. But putting it in the right place seems to be a hard task for a lot of people. The sticky trap holders ease this process. They enable you to move the sticky tape along with the growing crop. But how do you attach a sticky trap holder? Our specialist explains it in this article.

Securing the yellow sticky trap holder

We advise you to install the sticky trap holders 4.5 or 5 meters apart from each other. The distance depends on the post distance in your greenhouse. You attach the sticky trap holder to the crop wire or to the thread profiles between the crops. The video shows you the easiest way to do this.

When you use the sticky trap holder in the above method, the sticky tape roll is clamped and won't move over time. The sticky trap holder provides enough support to ensure the sticky trap tape roll won’t move. Are you looking for sticky trap rolls or sheets? Discover our assortment.

Moving the sticky trap holder

The advantage of using sticky trap holders is that you can easily slide it up and down over the wire or the thread profile. When the crop grows, the sticky trap holder can shift up, ensuring the signal rolls will always hang at the correct height, allowing to catch as many pests as possible.

Video: How to hang a sticky trap?

Different types of sticky trap holders

There are different types of sticky trap holders. Some sticky trap holders need to be attached in a different way. The picture below shows this way of attaching. 

Securing a sticky trap holder

Sticky trap holders

Sticky trap rolls

Sticky trap sheets

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Questions about securing of sticky trap holders?

Do you have questions about the securing of sticky trap holders or do you want advice? Please contact one of our product specialists, or ask your question on the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible - on working days within 24 hours.

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