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How do you secure your crop wire?

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Written by Martin Meuldijk | Last update 22-06-2020

When you produce vegetables you will most likely use high wire hooks. High wire hooks are used to bring the crop at the optimum working height and to connect the younger plants faster. These hooks are attached to the crop wire. When a glasshouse gets build or gets renovated these crop wires are attached horizontal through the greenhouse. The ends of the crop wire gets connected to the facade of the greenhouse. If something goes wrong during this process, it can lead to negative effects like the breaking of the wire, which causes damage to the crop. In this article our product specialist Nanne Bentvelzen will explain to you the right way to connect the crop wire. 

Choosing the right crop wire

The first step is the choosing of the right crop wire. There are 2 types: galvanised wire or Crapal wire.
  • Galvanised wire: this is a galvanized wire. In most cases its used with a galvanised wire of 3.40 mm diameter. The breaking point of this thickness is about 450 kilos. 
  • Crapal wire: this is a galvanized wire with an alligation of 5 % aluminium. This wire is harder than a normal galvanized wire and also has an higher breaking point and corrosion resistance. In most cases, Crapal wire is used with a diameter of 3.15 mm. The breaking point at this thickness is about 590 kilos. 

Points of attention when confirming crop wire

Fixing the crop wire is a fairly simple task, but there are a number of issues that you should take in account to ensure that no damage or breaking occurs. Below we sum up the most important points of attention. 



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Arch wire construction

For the attachment of the crop wire, you should use the arch wire connection set. It consists of two M12 turn buckles with assembled thimbles, two M16 wire clamps and 4 M6 wire terminals.  

Tensioning method crop wire

After attaching the wire clamps and turnbuckles on both sides of the glasshouse, you can stretch the wire between them. Use the following method:
  • Pull the thread through the thimble.
  • Twist the wire 5 to 6 strokes, without sharp bends.
  • Connect the wire firmly with two wire terminals M6. Put the first clamp as close to the thimble as possible. So that the wire cannot shoot out of the thimble. 
  • Please note that the turnbuckles are never fully turned in or out during the tensioning.

Secure crop wire

Wire slack of the crop wire

It’s very important that the wire has enough slack. Keep a minimal slack of 20 centimetre and 25 centimetre with tomatoes. The slack is measured at the middle of a section. You can lower the wire with an wire lowerer. The wire lowerers are placed around the 5 metres post to post.

Different types of wire

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