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How do I choose the right wire lowerer?

Many high vegetable crops such as tomato and cucumber are hung on high crop wires. These are strung horizontally trough the greenhouse. It’s important that they are connected in the right manner and that they get enough support, so they don’t slack or break. With wire lowerers you create a suspension point for the crop wire.

Single or double wire lowerer

When purchasing a wire lowerer there are two options, you can choose a single or a double crop lowerer. The choice depends on the application. So please let us advice you before you make your choice. The same applies to the size and wire thickness: this depends on the growing conditions.

Enkele draadverlager
Dubbele draadverlager
Single wire lowererDouble wire lowerer

Measure instructions 

Do you want more information or do you need advice? Feel free to fill out the form below. Please use the following measurement instructions.

Enkele draadverlager opmeten
Dubbele draadverlager opmeten
Measuring a single wire lowererMearsuring a double wire lowerer



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More information about wire lowerer

Do you have any questions about wire lowerer, or would you like advice? Then contact one of our crop rotation specialists, or ask your question using the form below. We'll respond within 24 hours on working days.

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