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Which wire mesh do I need for my crops?


Written by Nick Groenewoud | Latest update: 22-08-2019

Wire mesh is normally stretched between the standard support materials: pillars with a ring at the bottom that are pushed into the ground in the greenhouse. Because there often are differences between crops Royal Brinkman has a large assortment of wire netting and support materials to support your crops. Our product specialist explains about the different types of wire mesh or wire netting for each crop. Below you can find a summary of which wire mesh to choose for which crop.

What is mesh width?

Mesh width is the property of the net and can be measured in different ways: mesh width gives the amount of holes per surface unit. So mesh width gives the distance between two threads.

Chrysanthemum wire meshAmaryllis wire meshCarnation wire mesh

Carnation gauze
 Stronger and dimensionally stable
 Much variety in mesh length, amount of meshes and thread thickness
 Tempered weft thread 2 mm is attainable 
 Suitable for plant robot system
 Standard 4 meshes of 29.5 cm
 Mesh length 17.5/18 or20 cm
 More bulbs per m2
 Supplied with synthetic coating
 Three to seven layers of wire mesh above each other
 Standard wire mesh is 8 openings 12.5x12.5 cm
 Choice of opening distribution
 For single or multi use
Hoe wire meshLily wire meshStatice wire mesh

 Only two openings wide
 Client specific outdoor cultivation summer flowers
 Extra wide walking paths for hoeing machine
 Variation in amount of openings and thread thicknesses
 Mesh length 12.5 cm –width 9, 10, 11 or 12 openings
 Adjusted to hoist heating and/or crate cultivation system
 Large mesh length of 25 cm
 Mesh width 186-196-196-196-196-186
 Hard weft and soft longitude thread 1.65x1.65
Freesia wire meshHydrangea wire meshLisianthus wire mesh

 Two layers of gas in hoist heating
 Standard mesh 15 cm wide 12.5 cm long
 Tailored for ground cooling/heating
 Custom made wire mesh 16.25x8 openings = 130 cm
 Standard mesh width 25x25 cm
 4 meshes 100 cm of 5 openings 1.25 wide
 Custom work in mesh length to 30 cm
 Adjusted to dimensioning gutter cultivation system
 Optimally adjusted for hoist heating
 Suitable for plant robot system
 Wider paths, smaller mesh widths
 More plants per m2

Video: Wire Weaving Dinxperlo

More questions regarding wire mesh

Do you have questions about the different types of wire mesh or galvanised wire mesh or do you want more information? Contact product specialist Nick Groenewoud or fill in the form below. We'll respond within 24 hours on working days.

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