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Cleaning a hygiene station | What to do?

Hygiene station
Written by Dirk Timmers | Last update: 14-03-2022

A hygiene station ensures that the hands - and in many cases also the feet - of people entering the greenhouse are cleaned and/or disinfected. For optimal greenhouse hygiene, it is important to clean the hygiene station itself regularly; after all, you don't dry yourself off with a dirty towel. But how can you clean a hygiene station optimally? Our specialist will explain the different steps in this article. 

Preparation for cleaning the hygiene station

Before start cleaning, it is important to take a few steps:
  • Before you start cleaning, make sure you turn the switch to put the electricity off. If there is no switch available or it is difficult to achieve, then unplug the hygiene station cord.
  • Also disconnect the water supply 

Cleaning the hygiene station

Depending on the type of hygiene station, you have to clean different parts of the station. A complete hand and foot disinfection station needs more maintenance and cleaning than a simple hand disinfection station.

Cleaning the brushes

  • Lift the grill above the brushes up until it is in the safety position
  • Pull the brush out of the drive, so you can retrieve them from the hygiene station.
  • Lay the brushes in a bath of 2% solution of mild detergent for about 15 minutes. Then wash them out with pure water under a maximum pressure of 20 bar and a maximum temperature of 50 ° C. Never use high-pressure (>20bar) or water above 50 ° C as this can let go of the brush hairs!
  • Also make sure that the brushes are replaced in a timely manner. How often this should be done depends on how intensively the hygiene station is used. The danger with worn brushes is that the hairs are shorter, allowing them to clean less deep and thus make a less good result. Tip: Never walk on a non-rotating brush, this makes the brush to namely wear faster.

Switches, sensors and control screen cleaning

  • Switches, sensors and control screen of a hygiene stationClean switches, sensors and the control screen only with a soft cloth. Never use detergent; this can cause damage. Never put too much pressure when cleaning the switches, sensors and the control screen. 

Clean room disinfection

  • Clean room desinfection hygiene stationClean the cleaning and/or disinfecting room with lukewarm water. Use water up to 35 ° C. To ensure that the water easily runs away, you have to open the outlet of the disinfection 

Cleaning the housing

  • Caution: Never use chlorine containing products when cleaning stainless steel. This can damage the steel. 
  • Soap in the whole machine with detergent – with the exception of the above-mentioned switches, sensors, and the operation screen. Let this soak briefly and then wash it off. Always read the operating instructions for the product you are using!
  • Repeat this process until all the dirt and grease is removed.
  • Never allow water to enter the electronic parts of the hygiene station, it can cause short circuit.
  • If there is limescale on the housing, remove it with a cleaning product suitable for cleaning stainless steel. 
  • Empty and clean the tray of the hygiene station. You can then replace the brushes and close the grille. 

After you have completed the above steps, you can open the water supply again and turn the main switch back on. 

Video: How do you clean a hygiene station? 

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More information about cleaning your hygiene stations 

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