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Algae control with Menno ter Forte

Written by Jasper Verhoeven | Last update: 07-04-2021

Algae on concrete floors, greenhouse walls, ground cover, growing gutters or growing tables are a regular occurrence at horticultural companies. This is easily removed with Menno ter Forte. This algaecide removes green deposits effortlessly. How does Menno ter Forte work and how do you apply it?

What is Menno ter Forte?

Menno ter Forte combats green deposits (algae) and bacteria extremely quickly and effectively. The product consists of the quaternary ammonium compound DDAC in combination with a biodegradable wetting agent for good penetration and contact.

Cleaning product against green deposits

Menno ter Forte was developed to combat green deposits such as algae and bacteria easily and quickly. The product can be measured with specially developed indicator paper, preventing an excess or shortage of Menno ter Forte. Despite the fact that the product has no vapor effect, it is harmful to plants. “That's why you have to avoid direct contact of the product with plants as much as possible.


Advantages of Menno ter Forte 

Powerful and fast effect
No vapor effect
Safe for the user
Stable solution
Measurable activity (recirculation water)
Kills algae and bacteria

Disadvantages of Menno ter Forte 

Risk of burns on direct contact with plants
Deactivation of the active substance by (organic) soiling
Beware of recirculation water in case of large amounts (ErfGoedVloer)
DDAC application may not be used with all certifications 

Applying Menno ter Forte

1. Before applying Menno ter Forte, rinse the dirty surface or material with clean water. This ensures a clean surface without leaf residue, dirt or vegetable saps.
2. Also rinse the surface thoroughly with water if another (soap-based) cleaning product has been used.
3. Apply Menno ter Forte. You can do this by spraying (hand sprayer, spray boom) or as foam (foam applicator, gun, lances).
4. After application, allow the product to soak in.
5. Treated materials that do not come into direct contact with plants (within 2-3 weeks) do not need to be rinsed off, provided they can dry properly.
However, irrigation mats should always be flushed thoroughly, because they can easily retain the product and you want to avoid that.
6. Dead moss and green deposits can be rinsed off later so that the surface is clean.
7. For an after effect to prevent new growth, a layer of algae killer can be applied.
8. If you have a large amount of drain water, you can check with the measuring strips whether the amount of active ingredient has decreased enough for recirculation (<0.5%). If it is higher, it can be deactivated by adding water, organic material or soap-based products.

Measurable effectiveness

The activity of MENNO ter Forte can be measured using special indicator paper. The discoloration of the indicator paper after immersion indicates the amount of active ingredient in the disinfectant. This way, you can easily check whether the concentration - in for example a foot disinfecting tray - is still working properly. Or check the drain water for the amount of DDAC still present before recirculating it.

Dosage of MENNO ter Forte

The dosage and recommended amount of liquid per application is shown in the table below.

Application  DosageRecommended amount of liquid solution
Empty greenhouses, warehouses, paving, tile paths and walls 0.65% 2,000-3,0000 liters/ha
Glass, stands, facades and concrete floors 0.4% 2,000/3,000 liters/ha
Growing tables (ebb/flow) with irrigation mats 0.4% 0.2 - 0.3 liters/m2
Plant containers, cutting trays, drip systems
and plat growing boxes
 0.4% 2 - 3 liters/m2
Empty storage spaces  0.2% dry surface, 0.4% wet     surface
 Dip into solution
Equipment for seed potatoes 0.4% 0.2 - 0.3 liters/m2

More information about MENNO ter Forte

Do you have questions about the effect of the Menno ter Forte disinfectant or do you want tailored advice? Then please contact disinfection specialist Jasper Verhoeven via the form below. You will receive a response as soon as possible – on weekdays even within 24 hours.

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