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What types of Sulfur are there?

Welke soorten zwavel zijn er?
Author: Jan-Paul de Wit| Latest update: 06-08-2019

Horticulture uses Sulfur to prevent and combat fungi, such as mildew. When Sulfur comes into contact with a fungus, it disturbs the energy system in the fungus, causing the fungus to die. It also prevents the germination of spores. There are different types of sulfur, each for a different application. In this article, our specialist lists the different types of Sulfur and their properties. 

Types of Sulfur

There are six types of Sulfur:
  • Sulfur granules: this is suitable for use in Sulfur evaporators. Sulfur granules are Sulfur in granulated form. It has the advantage that it is very easy to measure and dose. Furthermore, the grains have a large contact surface, which makes it very easy for the Sulfur evaporator to process it into fine particles.
  • Sulfur sticks: this is suitable for use in Sulfur evaporators. Sulfur pipes are pressed into a pipe (rod) shape. This is mainly used in Sulfur evaporators that hang high in greenhouses, because the sticks are easier to insert than grains (grains, also have a greater chance of spillage and therefore wase).  
  • Sulfur tablets: these can also be used in a Sulfur evaporator. One Sulfur tablet weighs 115 grams, which is the exact quantity required to fill the Sulfur evaporator in a safe and easy manner.
  • Sulfur powder: this is Sulfur in a fine powder form. It cannot be applied with a Sulfur evaporator. 
  • Spray Sulfur: this is Sulfur that is formulated to mix with water and then for spraying over the crop with a backpack sprayer or spray truck. The advantage of this application is that it leaves less residue on the crop.
  • ACS Sulfur: this is liquid Sulfur. It has approval as a leaf fertilizer. This product cannot be applied with a Sulfur evaporator either, but you spray it over the crop.  

The application of the various types of Sulfur is different, but the action of these products is the same: they have the same effect on fungi. 


More information about Sulfur

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