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How do you choose the right ground cover?

How do you choose the right soil fabric?Ground cover - also referred to as weed control fabric - is used in horticulture for various purposes, such as light reflection, weed control, slope protection and for clearing the greenhouse. What type of ground cover to choose depends on the application. In this article, our specialist explains the different types of ground cover.

Ground cover for light reflection

If you are growing a light-sensitive crop, you want to use the full potential of the available day and/or artificial light. By using a white ground cover, you can create additional light reflection. The white fabric reflects the light, considerably increasing the total amount of light reaching your crop.

Weed control

Ground cover is often also used to counteract the growth of weeds. In most cases black ground cover is used, which is placed on the bottom of the greenhouse. Lines or windows have been drawn on this fabric, making it easy to position the plants for maximum effect. When purchasing, pay attention to the firmness: one ground cover may be suitable for average use, whereas others are more suited for intensive use

Cleaning out the greenhouse

In order to clear the greenhouse mechanically during crop rotations, many growers use crop clear fabric. This fabric is woven to match the working width of the clearing machines and benefits from reinforced edges so that it can withstand the tensile force of the machines.

Crop clear fabric is available in white and black. If you have a light-sensitive crop and you want to create additional light reflection, you can opt for white crop clear fabric, which you can leave throughout growing season. If you want to use the crop clear fabric for clearing the greenhouse during crop rotations only (and, therefore, not leave it during the crop cycle), you can opt for black ground cover. 

Cleaning the ground cover

In most cases, ground cover is used for several growing seasons. In that case, it is important that you clean and disinfect the ground cover before the start of each new crop cycle. This way, you prevent diseases and infestations from remaining in the greenhouse and your new crop becoming infected. 
SpecialistQuestions about ground cover
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