How do you measure the centre-to-centre distance for a pipe rail trolley?

How do you measure the centre-to-centre distance for a pipe rail trolley?One of the questions always asked when purchasing a pipe rail trolley relates to its centre-to-centre distance. This has to be measured, so that the pipe rail trolley can be manufactured in the appropriate size. The heating pipes in greenhouses are not always installed at the same distance from each other, nor are all greenhouses equipped with heating pipes of the same diameter. You should therefore always provide your supplier with the accurate dimensions when you purchase a pipe rail trolley. If you do not, then you run the risk that the pipe rail trolley will not fit the heating pipes, which would render it useless. In this article, our expert explains how to measure the centre-to-centre distance.

Measuring the centre-to-centre distance

As already stated above, the most important dimension in this is the centre-to-centre distance. This is the distance between two heating pipes, measured from the centre of one pipe to the centre of the other pipe. The figure below illustrates how you should measure the centre-to-centre distance. The illustration gives a frontal view. A photograph has been included for clarification. 

Center to center distance

Open or closed pipe

In addition to the centre-to-centre distance, your supplier will always ask you whether your pipe is open or closed. Your supplier needs this information to determine whether or not the pipe rail trolley has to be fitted with an inner flange or an outer flange. In some cases the pipe can be straight. 

Open-Closed pipe rail

Questions about the centre-to-centre distance for a pipe rail trolley

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