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Tips for the maintenance of a Pulsfog


Written by Frank Schoenmakers | Last update: 14-11-2020

The Pulsfog is suitable for simple and quick treatment of spaces and is very effective for combatting insects. The different types are all provided with a powerful jet engine, which is generally fault-free. For best results with the Pulsfog, good maintenance of the machine is very important. We will give you five tips to prevent Pulsfog starting problems.

1. Inspect nozzles

Dirt in the nozzles will cause the Pulsfog to splatter, which will cause the pesticides to not spread across the crops evenly. That is why it is important to inspect the nozzles for dirt prior to use. By shining a flash light into the nozzles you can clearly see if there is dirt on the inside. Brush the dirt away with a steel brush.

2. Inspect hoses

To fog safely the hoses must be in good condition: they cannot be hard or porous. Hoses in bad condition can leak or burst completely during use. This doesn’t only cause crop damage, but also affects your own health. Always replace damaged hoses with original Pulsfog hoses for optimal results.

3. Clean the spark plug

Dirt in the spark plug causes bad or no ignition, which will prevent the machine from starting. Combustion will also not be optimal when there is dirt in the plug, which causes the machine’s velocity to be bad. Clean the spark plug with a copper brush prior to each use. The copper brish is softer than a steel brush and will have less of a chance of damage. You can clean the porcelain this way as well.

4. Refill battery acid

Refilling battery acid also prevents delay. Always refill with distilled water. Keep in mind that the battery can only be refilled after charging. If you refill before charging there is a chance that the battery will spill over during charging because the fluid expands. A number of instructions for refilling battery acid:
  • Remove screw caps just prior to actually refilling battery acid
  • Place battery on a stable, level surface. Keep children and dogs out of the way.
  • Fill the battery with battery acid to the maximum level. Do not go higher.
  • Let the battery rest for 30 minutes after filling.

5. Use the right gas

To prevent pollution of the Pulsfog as well as possible, we advise the use of Aspen gas. Using this gas causes less carbon build up, which keeps the Pulsfog’s motor cleaner. This ensures better performance and longer life span.

6. Flushing and cleaning regularly

By starting Pulsfog at least once a week, the machine is flushed well. This prevents starting problems. It is also important to clean the Pulsfog thoroughly after each use with PULSFOG-REIN. Use PULSFOG-REIN as follows:
  • Shake the tank with PULSFOG-REIN, close and let motor run.
  • Open the tap
  • Loosen the dosing sprayer one quarter of a turn and let the motor run 30 seconds.
  • Close the tap
  • Loosen the tank’s cap completely and hang the attached syphoning hose outside of the tank.
  • Remove remainder from pesticide tank and rinse tank following this properly with tap water.

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7. Maintain periodically

To ensure the machine continues to operate properly, periodic maintenance is unavoidable. By performing yearly maintenance, you will prevent defects ahead of time. Royal Brinkman can perform this periodic maintenance. Our employees inspect the machine’s workings and can replace parts preventatively where needed.



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