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How do you make an inspection schedule?

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Written by Giel van der Hoeven | Last update: 24-12-2020

Regularly inspecting your machines is of great importance for a business that runs as smoothly as possible and also guarantees work safety. Determining possible defects will enable you to act fast, which can prevent (long) down time. Therefore we will help you gladly by establishing an inspection schedule for the inspection of your machines.

  • Map out which machines operate within your business and make an overview of this. 
  • Decide which malfunctions can happen to each machine and what would cause these malfunctions.
  • Make note for each machine when it needs to be checked for previously noted possible malfunctions.
  • Decide who is responsible for performing the inspection of each machine.
  • Make a clear, orderly plan in which each of the above points occur and where note can be made regarding when the inspection was performed.

Recurring maintenance

Besides regular inspection of your machines, we also recommend that you perform yearly periodic maintenance by a certified mechanic. Not only does this prevent down time, it is also made mandatory by certain insurance companies and other agencies. Royal Brinkman’s service mechanics can perform this periodic maintenance for you.

More information about how to make an inspection schedule

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Giel van der HoevenAbout Giel van der Hoeven

Giel van der Hoeven, maintenance coordinator, has had more than 25 years of experience in the horticulture and technology sectors. Since 2015, he has been sharing his knowledge with the Royal Brinkman customers. "Solving technical problems and providing advice about maintenance is an everyday challenge. The great thing about horticulture technology is that it differs per customer. This keeps the work interesting and varied."

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