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How do you choose the right work gloves?

work gloves
Written by Anke Lemmers - van Zutphen | Last update: 07-11-2019

Different activities require different levels or ways of hand protection (e.g. against raw materials or chemicals) and therefore different types of work gloves. On the other hand, gloves may also be used to protect the crop and to prevent the spread of bacteria through the hands.

Choose a model of gloves

But how do you determine which work gloves you need in which situation? This entirely depends on the purpose of the gloves: what should they protect against and during which activities do you wear them? In the table below you can see our top three work gloves for different activities. This way you can easily choose which glove is most suitable. Click on the gloves for more information.

M-safe officier BR10 Rose gloves leather Rose gloves nappa
Harvest roses

Ansell Sol-Vex 37-675 M-safe nitril Grippaz 300B Glove Marigold

Preparation of crop protection

M-Safe 4160 latex M-Safe vinyl M-Safe nitril Grippaz 246BK

Guest visit

M-Lite yellow OXXA X-Nitrile-Lite M-Safe Nitril Microfoam

Plant bulbs

PU Flex Oxxa Pro-Flex Air M-lite yellow

Oxxa Pro-Flex Air Leather glove Glove Prevent

Heavy-duty protection inside

Oxxa Pro-Flex Air Mapa Jersette 301 Glove Prevent

Heavy-duty protection outside

M-safe nitril Grippaz 308B PU Flex M-Safe nitril Grippaz 246BK
Leaf picking

Oxxa Pro-Flex Air Glove Prevent OXXA X-Nitrile-Lite
Lowering hooks

Oxxa Pro-Flex Air M-Safe Nitrile Microfoam PU Flex

Work gloves size chart

Handschoen metenThe work gloves mentioned above are available in different sizes. When you wear gloves in the right size, you work the easiest and most comfortable way (e.g. you don't have to suffer from sagging). With the help of a measuring tape you can easily calculate the required size by measuring the circumference of your hand. Then use the table below to determine which size you need for gloves for work.

XS / 6S / 7M / 8L / 9XL / 10XXL / 11
14 - 17 cm17 - 20 cm20 - 23 cm23 - 25cm25 - 27 cm27 - 30 cm

Employer's responsibility

An employer is obliged to inform his employees about the risks of work and to make available the correct personal protective equipment (including work gloves) and to give them instructions for its correct use. 

Questions about work gloves

Do you have questions about selecting the right gloves for work, or would you like tailor-made advice? Please contact your regular contact person or use the form below to submit your question.

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