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How should I do a boiler water treatment?

Boiler water treatment
Written by Ben Peters | Last update: 25-6-2021

More and more insurance companies make demands on the water quality in WKK-systems as well as heating systems. It is important to do a boiler water treatment once in a while. The grower is the one responsible for the prevention of corrosions and clogging of his system. Insurance companies will not give you your pay out if they can prove that the water quality in your system does not measure up to guidelines. By monitoring your boiler water, WKK-systems, CV-systems and cooling systems yearly you can prevent a lot of trouble. So make an appointment right away!

Making an appointment for boiler water treatment

Do you want more information, or would you like to make an appointment for boiler water treatment? Fill in the form below. Our specialist will then contact you as soon as possible – on workdays even within 24 hours. Prevention is worth the cure. In practice we are presently noticing damage cases in greenhouse businesses due to problems with WKK-systems, CV-systems and cooling systems. We also alert to corrosion in steam boilers. Belated maintenance can become pretty expensive. Sudden downtime of your system causes trouble and damage. Analysis of a water sample from your system will give you results regarding the measure of contamination in seven working days. Royal Brinkman’s trained specialists perform this boiler water treatment.

Contamination and rust

By adding a boiler water treatment product to your system once or twice a year you will prevent accelerated corrosion and leakage. Your systems are crucial and expensive part of your business operation.

Boiler water treatment strategy

The boiler water treatment strategy depends on the results of the analysis and the measure of contamination. The strategy is all about the installation of filters and addition of liquid water treatment products. Partial stream filters filter organic contamination, precipitated hardness increasing salts and iron particles from your heating system. By adding HydroPro water treatment products you will improve the quality of your system’s water. The corrosion rate can be decreased by 50 times.

More information regarding boiler water treatment and purification

Any questions about a boiler water treatment, or would you like to have a boiler water treatment performed? Contact your account manager or one of our Technical project product specialists. If you ask a question by using the form, we'll respond within 24 hours on working days. 

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Ben Peters, salesman and product specialist of technical projects at Royal Brinkman, has had no less than 40 years of experience. He specialises in electronics and computer installations, but is also quite knowledgeable about water technology. "This job will always have its challenges, technology is always on the move, literally, and there are always new developments. The great thing about technology is that you take on projects together with a team, so you are not working alone. Also finding the right installations and results, in cooperation with the customer, is absolutely worthwhile.”

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