How to clean the drip system during cultivation

How to clean the drip system during cultivationWhile inspecting the drip system, contamination can be noted. Drip system contamination negatively affects water delivery and, with that, the crops. Therefore the drip system needs to be cleaned in case of contamination. You can do this during as well as after cultivation. Various practices apply to this. In this article we explain drip system cleaning during cultivation.

Drip system cleaning with high pressure

By putting the drippers under pressure that is higher than the working pressure , the speed of the water in the dripper is increased. This squeezes dirt out. The dripper hoses need to be rinsed out for a few minutes when using this method. This will remove the loose dirt from the dripper hoses, afterwards the spray tap can be closed or the end caps twisted closed. The actual pressure increase only takes a few minutes per tap.

In summer it’s best to apply pressure increase on the drip system once or twice a week. In winter it’s once every four weeks. Note: This cleaning method does not work with pressure compensating drippers.

Vacuum cleaning

The dirt can also be vacuumed out of the drip system. A specialist can perform this type of maintenance.

Adding cleaning product

Bacteria as well as inorganic salts can cause clogging. By adding a combination of the cleaning products hydrogen peroxide and Antibloc Mineral, contamination is remedied. These products are developed especially for cleaning during cultivation and are biodegradable.

ECA unit

Besides cleaning the drip system, there is also the possibility to prevent contamination with the aid of an ECA unit. This system produces active chlorine in place (ECA solution) that you send through your system. This ensures a complete and continual cleaning of your drip system.

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