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Maintenance of an UdiMatic filter

udimtic filterAn UdiMatic filter is an automatic self-cleaning filter that is used in medium-sized process, cooling, recirculation and irrigation systems. Due to the automatic cleaning, the filter can continuously supply water of good quality. To guarantee this and to prevent malfunctions, it is important that you maintain an UdiMatic filter properly. In this article, our specialist will list maintenance tips for an UdiMatic filter.

Note: Do not open or tighten the filter cover while the filter is in use or under pressure!


Any damage to the filter's protective coating must be repaired immediately to prevent corrosion. Before applying the protective paint, clean the damaged area thoroughly with a steel brush.

The moving parts of the hydraulic cylinder/valve must also be coated annually with a new layer of grease to prevent wear.


Besides maintenance, the cleaning of an UdiMatic filter is also of great importance. Regularly activate a rinsing cycle as routine inspection by activating it on the rinsing controller. Clean the filter once or twice a year at the beginning or end of a season or if the rinsing frequency increases significantly due to insufficient cleaning. This is done as follows:
  1. Stop the supply to the filter. 
  2. Allow the pressure in the filter to escape by disconnecting the control line from the syringe valve. 
  3. Open the rinsing chamber cover by loosening the bolts evenly. 
  4. Check the inside of the filter and the bearing ring of the coil rotor. 
  5. First remove the rinsing chamber and then the rotor. Carefully pull the filter element upwards out of the filter housing. Check the filter element and clean it thoroughly with clean water and use a brush to remove particles (do not use a steel brush!). 
  6. When organic dirt has grown on the filter, immerse the element in an acid or alkaline solution. Allow the solution to soak for a few minutes and then clean the element thoroughly. 
  7. Otherwise, replace the filter element immediately. 
  8. Grease the rubber rings of the filter, the guide of the coil rotor and the piston of the cylinder or valve with non-aggressive grease. 
  9. Place the filter element in the filter housing, press the rotor in place and place the coil chamber firmly on the filter element. 
  10. Check the bearing ring of the rotor. 
  11. Now place the rinsing chamber cover, centre it on the bolt holes and tighten the bolts evenly. Then start up the UdiMatic filter as indicated in the user manual. 

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